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Little Eyes

I’m trying to get back to introducing more of our cheerleaders to you. I haven’t had members submitting material lately but hopefully we are back on track and more members will send in their information so I can have the pleasure of introducing them. This week I want you to meet a young lady from Tennessee. Please meet Ms. Deanne Coley.

Deanne is a freshman Biochemistry major (girl after my own heart!) from Jackson, TN. She graduated from University School of Jackson, TN. Deanne tries to remember that it is an honor to cheer for you at Mississippi State and that she has every reason to have a genuine wide smile on her face every time she represents you. She knows that there are constantly lots of little eyes watching how she conducts herself and seeing that she really enjoys what she is doing. Deanne says “smiles and laughter are contagious”.

Deanne played softball from the age of 5. She was selected for the Madison County All-Stars at age 10. They won the Tennessee State championship and advanced to the Dixie World Series in Sumter, South Carolina where they won it all! She played for her school’s varsity squad through middle school and her 9th grade year but had to choose All-Star cheer competition after that limiting her to Kentucky Blaze softball travel team.

Deanne began gymnastics when she was 2 and began competing at 6 years old. In the 7th grade she made her school’s cheer squad then was pulled up to the varsity squad in the 8th grade to compete with them for Regionals and at UCA Nationals at Disney World helping them to finish in the high school top 10. It was then she knew she wanted to cheer in college one day. Deanne joined the Memphis Pride All-Star Cheer program as a high school junior commuting back and forth to Memphis (a 1 way hour drive) daily to practice. It paid off her senior year as they won the 2016 UCA International Cheer Championships at Disney World.

Deanne credits Robert Farmer and her parents as being the greatest influence on her life. He worked with her since the 6th grade pushing her to excel and eventually reach her goal of being an SEC Cheerleader. Her parents supported her, transported her and spent many long nights helping her to maintain her academics in school even when she was dead tired. They helped her to learn the self-discipline that has carried her into college where she now has to manage her time balance between cheer and classroom on her own.

Being a freshman she is just now developing lasting memories of cheering at State. In fact last weekend when State defeated Texas A&M took the top spot for Deanne. “ It was one of the most exciting games I've ever cheered at. We were ahead the entire game and I’ve never had such an adrenaline rush! That game was just a little reminder of how blessed I am to get to do what I love.” Outside of cheer, becoming part of Chi Omega sorority during Bid Day has been a blessing to her by helping to find her home at State and being a part of so many fabulous friends.

Whether cheering at games or the Dawg Walk, instructing at clinics or even coaching tumbling back home at Jackson Cheer Company Deanne seeks to inspire others to dream as she did and work to achieve their goals. She knows many of those little eyes are just like she was a few years ago and she has a responsibility to inspire and motivate them now. Deanne plans to attend medical school when she graduates from State and have a career in Radiology.

Deanne thank you for your hard work, dedication, sacrifice and setting a great model for all those little eyes while you lead us to GET FIRED UP!

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Instagram: @Coca.coleyy