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Mississippi State Football: ON THE HORIZON

Wishing for a “LOW TIDE”

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The season is wearing down so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were looking forward to getting the season started. Man, the days go by so fast. This week LSU is playing at Arkansas. You would think that since the Razorbacks ripped them Gators last week they would have no problem with the Bengal Tigers. It has been a crazy season though. LSU threw everything they had at Alabama last week including the kitchen sink and still got stuffed. Fournette actually seemed to miss holes he could have squeezed through for a few yards here and there and possibly broke one. He kept trying to get outside on Alabama’s “D” and that just is not going to happen. Arkansas always catches LSU after Alabama has ended their hopes of SEC glory. Who knows this week but somehow I feel like they will bounce back and play a strong game. LSU has a pretty darn good defense themselves with several draft picks starting. I think it is a toss up though depending on whether Orgeron can get his boys fired up again. He HAS to or he won’t have have a shot left at the job he wants. I think Arkansas is playing for a higher tier bowl game and will get after the boys from the bayous. T-Dawg’s winner: Arkansas 34-31

Ole Miss travels down to College Station to meet A&M as both teams try to find a quarterback and salvage something from their season. Personally, I thought Sumlin would be job hunting after this season and I still think if he can’t finish the year on a win streak he will be doing just that. The wheels may have fallen off for Ole Miss now. I don’t see them pulling off the red-shirt from their “prize” freshman this late in the season. I don’t think they will be able to do much of anything offensively against the Aggies because they have no ground game and those bookends will lay their ears back and try to lasso the meat offering at quarterback. IF A&M can score a few times this one may be UGLY for Ole Miss as they began a 3-game losing streak to end the season (4-8, 1-7) solidly in the SEC West cellar :). T-Dawg’s winner: Texas A&M 34-9 (3 FGs)

We go to Tuscaloosa this week for our annual hit the wall game with Alabama. If we could ever have a 3 or 4 game winning streak against the Tide I would volunteer to head up a mission to Mars because I would have died and gone to heaven anyway. Heck if we could just beat these guys solidly again with Saban there I would be pure giddy. If Jalen Hurts goes down I think Alabama will struggle depending on how many times their defense can score. It seems like a broken record but I think this Tide defense may be the strongest they have had in 10 years. I wish we had a field goal kicker that was at least 80% dependable (LET’S RECRUIT ONE! There has to be one somewhere in the States or Somoa.) We will not run outside on these guys, the best hope is to get some turnovers to create a short field to maybe bust a run or hit a pass into the end-zone. Perhaps we could pick off one of Hurts passes and get a pick-6! If we can just hang around until late in the 4th quarter without getting anyone hurt, especially Fitzgerald or the OL then you never know. Miracles did Tuesday night (Thank God). We need our guys healthy and still confident for the last two games if we hope to go bowling. I WISH we could pull some magic out of the hat but I’m not sure. I want to BELIEVE but I think next year is a better bet. T-Dawg’s winner: Alabama 34-20

If we can play that close without getting someone broke in half I will try to be happy but Damn I want to beat Alabama again so freaking bad!