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Hello, Computer. How’s the Internet Today?

Before you head to the couch to watch college football, take a short stroll through some of the MSU-related and maybe-not-so-MSU related miscellany that the internet has to offer.

Hello Computer Croom

Morning Linkage

We predicted week three of the SEC- This is a weekly thing that we do. We pick every outcome for the SEC games that week and then invite you to join us in our endeavors. I promise, we’re 100% right this time.

Mississippi State is recognizing former football players in the NFL- First Dak Prescott. Now Malcolm Johnson. Who will be next? Probably a former Mississippi State player, if I had to guess.

Justin Strawn generated a lot of discussion about music- He has since described this as one of his greatest accomplishments. Let’s celebrate that.

Shaq wants LSU to find a quarterback- Shaq would also be more enjoyable to watch at quarterback than Danny Etling and Brandon Harris combined. Despite that, he’d probably still be awful. But at least he would be entertaining.

Mississippi State Volleyball is 7-5- The women’s volleyball team has run into some tough opponents to open the season up, but they’re slowly starting to improve and they found a way to take both matches from Friday. Now they’ve got another two matches today.



Simone Giertz is a goofy individual that makes awful robots that kinda get their job done. She attached hair cutting devices to a drone. I’ve messed around with a drone before. They’re not easy to fly. Don’t cut your hair with one. There is some strong language, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t hear at a college football tailgate.

Saturday’s Songs

Today’s song? Well it’s a very obvious choice. LSU even uses it for their pregame video. Pod Katt of And the Valley Shook has a video of it from the 2014 season. (Hopefully today’s game is something like our 2014 game against LSU)

Also, bonus song:

Stressed Out by 21 Pilots. Because we’ll all be stressed tonight. Hopefully LSU fans will be more stressed though.