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This week we continue our feature series of the Miss. State All-Girl Cheer Squad by introducing you to a young lady whose life has forever been changed. Her name is Millie Hill and she hails from Corinth, MS.

Growing up in Corinth, Millie found her passion to cheer in the second grade at age 7. She was a member of the peewee cheerleaders there and competed with the competition squad. Her squad advanced all the way to U.C.A. Nationals at Disney World finishing 3rd. She continued to cheer for her high school (Corinth High School) 7th grade through graduation. Millie also played Volleyball at Corinth. She was a starting “setter” and helped her team advance to North State Finals. I can see Millie going after the volleyball and saving a lot of points with “DIGS”, you see Millie stands a giant 5’ 1” in height.

Millie is now a freshman majoring in Business Management. She credits her all-star cheer coach, Tim Lancaster, as having the biggest influence on her life. Millie said he pushed her harder than anyone ever has, always had faith in her and helped lead her in the right direction or even confronted her when he didn’t care for distractions around her both in and out of the gym. “He is the reason I am a SEC Cheerleader today”, Millie said.

Millie sees it as an honor to cheer for Miss. State so helping to instill that “MSU Spirit” in others when she is in practice, on the mats, walking through campus or in front of crowds at events as she wears the Maroon and White is a pleasure. When I asked her why she wants to be an MSU Cheerleader Millie said, “Spirit is contagious and the more you share it the more you spread it into others. To me, being an MSU cheerleader represents the dreams of 2nd graders, just like me, who wanted nothing but to be a college cheerleader. It represents the hours of hard work and sweat and skin left on the mat of the past eleven years of my life. It means handwork and dedication and a true representation of when my parents used to say, “you can be anything you want as long as you set your mind to it.”

After graduating from State Millie has a dream of being “Dr. Pimple Popper”, a dermatologist, but she knows that there will be many long days of work and study ahead of her to reach that. For now she is enjoying reaching her first goal in life and time will help clarify the next goal.

Now you may be wondering how “Saved by the Bell” applies to Millie. Well, you see, Millie explained that before she tried out for cheerleader at State, she had actually always been (Heaven help her) a TSUN fan! Millie said that she is still learning the traditons, players and history of “The Mississippi State University” but that when she was in her first ever “COWBELL Yell” cheering and watching the jumbo-tron something happened that moved inside of her and brought a steady flow of tears to her eyes. Millie it is simple, “THE COWBELL” saved you from those dark days lost in the woods of the grove! Now your in the DAWG Nation and we will stand with you as you lead us to “GET FIRED UP”

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