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Watch: Dak Prescott’s First NFL Touchdown

Dak Prescott scored his first touchdown and won his first NFL game today.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Things are going pretty well for Dak Prescott right now. Mississippi State’s greatest is performing pretty well in the NFL and through two weeks of starting for the Dallas Cowboys, Dak has completed 62.7% of his passes while throwing for 519 yards. His game today, against the Washington Redskins, was even more impressive than his debut as he completed 73.3% of his passes and threw for 9.73 yards per pass attempt.

He’s had a lot of success through the air in his first two NFL starts, but he’s yet to throw for a touchdown. Oddly enough, he hasn’t had much success on the ground running the ball (he’s run only three times for a total of 18 yards). But, Dak scored his first NFL touchdown by running the ball in from six yards out today.

May there be many more touchdowns for Dak Prescott in his NFL career.

Shoutout to Draft Cowboys for capturing this moment