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NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Auburn Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Another week in the SEC is done. Gosh we are enjoying it so much but if we pause and look carefully we would notice the glass is a quarter of the way empty. We love it but dang can’t it slow down. Speaking of slowing down, the “GUS BUS” is sputtering badly again.

When I considered who to focus on this week I noticed TSUN having another large lead to another ranked team and couldn’t hold it but still they climbed back and made a run at it. As much as I want to “BUST” on them, they weren’t the worst this week. I thought about us down in Death Valley but we made a huge comeback and had a real chance to win down to the wire. If we had just gotten it together in the 1st half, but if wishes were dollars I would be a rich man!

I thought about those other Bulldogs going to Missouri, about how Georgia struggled so bad with their freshman quarterback but won it with less than a minute to go. Then I could turn that around and talk about how Missouri let it slip away, then I said nah, no one expects the Tigers to much of anything this year but it looks like people may be surprised by them as the season goes along especially playing in Columbia.

No sir, the loudest shattering of glass to be heard, the most bubbles being burst and the loudest “OH NO”, was heard down on the plains of Auburn. Gus just knew he had found the source of his engine problems last week when he trapped those Indians that escaped from the reservation in Arkansas on his home turf. It didn’t take long Saturday night for Gus to realize that the can of “Instant Offense” he purchased down at Dollar General wasn’t going to keep his bus rolling for long. He tried changing drivers again at every red light (and there were plenty of them) but the driver wasn’t the problem. He even checked to be sure he had the right map and sure enough right there on the cover it said “2013 Playbook”. Gus just can’t understand why them same plays don’t work now.

Well Gus did some asking around for someone who could help him get’er going for good. When he called Les Miles to ask him to come up next Saturday so he could gas up and go for a long ride and maybe save his season, old Les told him with a wide smirk, “Why yes, we will come up there and fix your rattle-wagon bus for good Gus”. The Bus that couldn’t get up Aggie Hill this week may have the doors fall off when Les’s Tigers get loose this week and maul their guests.

At last glance backward Gus was on his knees trying to pick up the pieces from the “SEC BIGGEST BUST”. By the way Gus, it doesn’t look much better for you next week either.