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NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It is always much easier to write about MVPs after a win as was the case last week. I was overwhelmed with things to do last weekend so I never got up MVP’s for Monday. Obviously the Offensive MVP would have gone to Nick Fitzgerald with his incredible performance. This week I’m not sure if the 99 thousand plus got to Fitz and the other young players but they didn’t play with the confidence they had last week. Fitz was a little jumpy and when your quarterback can’t settle down and execute it obviously affects others around him.

My offensive MVP for this week has to be (SURPRISE) the “other” quarterback, Damian Williams. Damian answered the call from Mullen and when in ready to battle. He did a marvelous job of providing leadership and showing confidence in himself which spilled over to others. Williams only had 3 yards rushing on 3 attempts but did score a TD there. Then in the limited time he had to bring us back he threw 8 passes completing 5 for 94 yards including a 7 yard TD to Fred Ross. Damian is this week’s Offensive MVP but make no mistake about it, HE IS NOT our quarterback. I still believe that is Nick Fitzgerald. If you think back, Dak struggled in a few games at first. Nick has to grow into it and he can’t if we pull him every other series like a coach from Auburn does to his quarterbacks. Coach Mullen will get him there and he will be totally awesome in time, which could be the middle to end of NEXT YEAR!

Defensive MVP, last week was A.J. Jefferson hands down. He fired up the defense, the offense, the sideline and US! This week is not as easy. The whole defense played well enough to win giving up 177 yards on the ground and 215 in the air. No one person stood out singly but if I must choose I have to say J.T. Gray with 3 unassisted tackles and 1 assist. We weren’t bad on defense considering they played a lot in the first half.

Emerging stars MVP? I could put kicker Westin Graves here who made field goals of 37 and 41 yards and IF we had moved the ball 40-45 yards at the end I believe he would of had a real shot at a game winner. Again, if wishes were dollars I would be a rich man. I have to give the MVP for emerging star to Donald Gray who had 3 catches for 86 yards, but he also had a couple of huge drops. Got to get better Donald and you will.

Well next Saturday we go to Foxborough, MA. The Minutemen will be waiting so lets have our ammunition and firearms fully loaded. I am looking for 7-2 going to Tuscaloosa.

You can disagree with me and you probably do but give me your MVPs and why?