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Florida Wants Scott Stricklin to be their AD but Everybody Should Calm Down a Bit

Scott Stricklin’s name has popped up as the leading candidate to replace Jeremy Foley.

Stricklin & Howland

Earlier today, it had been reported that Scott Stricklin (Mississippi State’s athletic director, not Georgia’s baseball coach) is the leading candidate for the athletic director position at the University of Florida.

While that report may or may not be true, it isn’t any big reason to freak out. One, according to Pat Forde, Stricklin hasn’t even been offered the job yet. From Forde’s report:

However, sources said a formal offer has neither been made nor accepted at this point.

And as many others have already pointed out, Scott Stricklin graduated from Mississippi State. This is his alma mater. He worked in the athletic department as a student, is the son-in-law of MSU basketball legend Bailey Howell, and has more connections to Mississippi State than most fans do.

While it is possible that Scott Stricklin might leave, let’s hold off on pushing the panic button just yet. There’s no need to get worked up over a report that says someone wants to hire him.