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NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

This week we go way up north to play out of conference after playing two SEC games in a row. We have won 1 and lost 1 while still having 6 SEC games rapidly pushing toward the sunrise for their game week with Miss. State. Having a break from the conference grind will hopefully get us ready for what I think will be a pivotal game in our season.

The Kentucky Wildcats managed to out score their opponent last week in a BB-gun shootout. Kentucky hasn’t seen members of their defense since they stepped off the boat in the Florida swamp. This week the South Carolina Gamecocks fly out of the trees to try spurring the Wildcats into submission. Both team’s offenses will need lots of juice as they try to outscore each other. I think it is a toss-up and I would almost lean toward saying Colonel Stoops will serve up fried chicken for supper but I just believe that the Gamecocks will leave their host mortally wounded from their sharpened spurs. T-DAWG’s winner — South Carolina by 8

Texas A&M has invited a heard of Hogs in for what they hope will be a tasty barbecue. These Razorbacks are learning to use their snoots and legs to open holes to run through. There will be a lot of stuck pigs in College Station Saturday but I think this herd of Hogs will do a little ripping themselves and leave A&M crying with their beloved Reveille. T-DAWG’S winner — Arkansas by 4

Alabama will host Kent State (1-2) which will allow them to work on some problem areas and build some depth. The “Flashes” have lost bad to Penn St. and N.C. A&T at home before recording their only win over umm.... over perennial powerhouse Monmouth! There won’t be much flashing in Tuscaloosa, at least not the legal kind. Saban get his boys ready for another K team next week that he aims to give a good butt whipping. T-DAWG’S winner — Alabama by 37+.

Kirby Smart takes his freshman quarterback and an emerging Bulldog club to visit the Grove. TSUN has been teased and then spanked twice now. They just can’t seem to find their way out of the dressing room for the second half. Freeze needs to quit serving up those “Hotty Toddies” until after the game so the Black Bears can stand on their feet after halftime. Nothing would please me more than these other DAWGS treeing some Bears but I’m not sure that will happen. T-DAWG’S winner — TSUN by 4

Almost on the horizon is the Auburn Tigers. Gus Malzahn got home late Saturday night after treating his wife to a late supper at The Huddle House (they have their own booth there). When he finally got home his keys didn’t fit seems someone had already changed the locks (j/k). Unrest is growing by volumes in little Auburn. Tonight a GO FUND ME account started ( ). LSU is hurting on their offensive line after our game last week. IF Auburn could find an offense (that’s a big IF too) they could LSU a really hard time. LSU traditionally doesn’t play well at Auburn but I’m not sure they can play that bad. T-DAWG’S winner — LSU by 10.

Tell me what you think will happen in the SEC this week, at least with the teams that lie ahead of us.