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“The Run That Never Was”

This week’s Coed Cheer Partners both went the the junior college route before winding up cheering at Miss. State. We want to introduce you to Haley Moore and Nolin Collymore.

Haley is a sophomore who was raised in Brandon, MS and and attended one year at Jones County Junior College after high school. Haley began cheering in middle school and continued all the way through high school. She cheered at J.C.J.C. before trying out for the coed squad at Miss. State. When she was notified that she had been chosen she was estatic!

Haley credits her former cheer coach with making a huge impact on her life teaching her to excel at her her sport and become a stronger, better all around person. Haley said that she does her best to always be positive and smile when she is trying to get her audience excited and pumped. Haley explained that she has very little “free time” (we all remember those days Haley) as she is usually either studying or at cheer practices. What little leisure she has she tries to just spend with friends.

After she graduates from State Haley hopes to have a future as an elementary school teacher and also give back as a cheer coach staying around the sport she loves so much.

Mr. Nolin S. Collymore is from Ocean Springs, MS. He graduated from St. Martin High School, “Class of 2014” BAYBEE! He is a junior and a transfer student from East Mississippi Junior College. He began working and coaching at a cheer facility understanding and practicing the craft as he prepared himself a year before he began to cheer as a junior in high school although it was solely competition cheering. Nolin stressed, “It wasn't until my freshmen year of college that I actually started cheering for a school. I would like to add that not only did I start cheering for JUCO but I cheered for the Number one JUCO in the nation to be exact!!!!”

When I asked Nolin why enjoys being a cheerleader he responded, “Whenever I go out either on or off campus, I am wearing something that's representing Miss. State University or the Miss. State spirit groups. I take pride in the fact that I am apart of one of the best spirit group organizations throughout the nation and that I attend one of the best schools in the SEC so I try to instill that spirit in others.”

Nolin credits his family with being the greatest influence in his life especially his two grandmothers. “They always helped to make sure I was able to do whatever I set my mind to”. After graduating Nolin plans to enter PT school and eventually earn enough to achieve a dream he has had since high school, to open his own cheer gym.

Nolin shared the first really memorable thing that happened to him since he became part of the Miss. State family. “Coach John got on the bus after a long day of doing different things at cheer camp and jokingly said we all needed to be down stairs from where we were staying bright and early for a 6:00 am mile run... I was legit almost in tears because my body was sore, I was tired, and I absolutely hate running!”

Nolin said after everyone had finished groaning and pleading, Coach John smiled and told them he was only joking with them. “I just remember this huge relief being taken away. My heart was broken at first hahaha!” So “The Run That Never Was” was born.

The next time you see Haley and Nolin out front helping to get you excited, join them as you “STAND UP AND CHEER!”

You can follow Nolin at:

Instagram: Nolincollymore

Twitter: Nolincollymore