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Les Needed More

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another week of “SEC BIGGEST BUST” in my opinion. Did anyone else see TSUN dressed as the Florida Gators today? Well not really but it sure looked like the TSUN pattern. Tennessee has under-achieved so bad this year and Florida was blowing them away today......for a half. So I thought about writing about Tennessee then I just knew it would be Florida today choking.

Georgia? No because I actually think TSUN IS better than those other Bulldogs so I will leave that one alone. South Carolina and Kentucky? Who really cares? I really thought about doing this on Missouri who beat poor Delaware St. 79-0! Missouri should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t care if they were playing Grandma College there is no excuse for a school running up a score like that, NONE. It shows a lack of class by the Missouri ‘s Coach Odom. Yes they played 2nd and 3rd stringers but as a coach you should teach your kids some class. I hope someone this year beats them 80 to nothing and IF they should then Odom needs to keep his mouth shut.

I have to give the “BUST” to LSU. Oh my Les. How can you possibly go into Auburn and play flat the way you guys did. I do not think there is any saving you now because you will lose 2 or maybe 3 more this year. Fournette would look like ALL-World if his offensive line could just block. I don’t see any teams in the SEC (including Alabama) who can really do that anymore. That is what the SEC won Championships on and now we are suffering some as a total conference because we can’t.

Les, you let a team that can’t score touchdowns beat you with 6 FREAKING field goals! Les, your quarterback is sucking wind but a lot of that is on your OL. Your team was not better than we are but could of, would of, should of will not put groceries on the table. That was the first game Auburn has won without a touchdown since (OH NO) beating US 3-2! Les I do love you and think you are an outstanding man but take a tip from me, Look for another job because you will not be coaching at LSU next year. I say in your defense though, it will be their loss not yours.

When you listen to Malzahn doing post-game you would think they were #1 in the country and all that jazz but please let me inform you, I hope your late date with the wife at the Waffle House provides you with some new plays from a child’s coloring book or you find one on the bathroom wall. Les, you guys get the “SEC BUST” but honestly Gus, I think you both stunk it up.

Les just needed a couple more seconds.

What do you think?