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This week we would like to introduce you to another member of the ALL-GIRL CHEER Squad. She is remarkable in so many ways. This week we would like you meet Ms. Olivia Pickering.

Olivia is a Senior (you go girl) Marketing major who hails from (west) Hattiesburg, MS. She grew up in Oak Grove (a suburb of H’burg) and graduated from Oak Grove High School (home of the Warriors) in 2013. This is also the school that Brett Favre’s daughters attended and where he has served as a volunteer coach, but we’re not concerned with Favre here are we?

Olivia was a competitive gymnast for 17 years until she became a cheerleader at Oak Grove her senior year. It only took one year for her to fall in love with the sport of cheering. She decided to attend Mississippi State and tried out for the ALL-GIRL squad her freshman year. She made the squad and the rest is history. Olivia credits her parents with being her strongest influence, always being there to support her, encourage her but push her to work harder even when she was struggling. She is what she is because of the parents that raised her and loved her.

Being part of this squad is really special to Olivia. “We are all very close as a team. We try to cheer for each other and be a positive voice both within and outside our squad. In class, hanging out with friends, cheering on the sidelines, or at practice we all strive to be as "true maroon" as we can be! That's why I have come to really love this team.“

When asked about her greatest memory while cheering at State Olivia shared the same moments that another already has and that many of us have. “My absolute favorite memory of cheering at Mississippi State is cheering at the Auburn game my sophomore year. The game was so close and it started pouring down rain. We were so soaked from our hair down to our socks, but we didn't care! We were all cheering so hard for our guys and it was so cool to see everyone in the stands stay and watch despite the monsoon. We ended up winning the game and becoming #1 in the nation. It was the best feeling knowing that I got to cheer for the #1 team in the nation!

Olivia has loved and will always cherish the time she has had to serve as one of your cheerleaders to support our teams, our school and all of you. Olivia embodies what all of us need to do and be. A Cheerleader for OUR Beloved State no matter the weather or the circumstance.

Auburn is coming for another visit soon. Why don’t we all get in the same mood we had back then, work together, bond together, cheer together and IF Game Day happens to come our way let’s again show them what real SPIRIT looks like by packing out the entire area with our Signs, Clanga and PRIDE!

This amazing young lady plans to take the LSAT in December and hopes to enter Law School next fall. We will all be cheering for you Olivia for many reasons including the fact that you always help us to GET FIRED UP!

Follow Olivia here:

Instagram: livpick