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SEC Armchair Quarterback: Off Week Edition

Taking a look around the SEC each and every week.

SEC Championship - Missouri v Auburn Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The SEC pretty much did what most people expected this past weekend even if it didn’t play out the way we thought it would. There were a lot of good things and bad things that we saw, so let’s take a look, shall we?

Things that stood out in a good way.

  • Daniel Carlson - The Auburn Tigers are really bad at getting the ball in the end zone. Good thing they play really good defense and Carlson can kick the ball. The Tigers won the game on 6 field goals and 0 touchdowns. The last time the Tigers won a game without a touchdwon? A certain 3-2 affair in 2008 in Starkville.
  • Tennessee’s resiliency - I mentioned this a few weeks ago when Tennessee made a comeback against Virginia Tech. It was even more impressive this week when the Vols got down 21-0 against a team they had lost 11 straight games to. They were having to overcome some mental hurdles to pull off what they did.
  • Trevor Knight - The Aggie quarterback didn’t wow anyone with his passing on Saturday, but he did some incredible things running the ball against the Razorbacks. He accounted for a total of four touchdowns, and it’s hard to expect more from your quarterback.
  • Ole Miss offense - When the Ole Miss offense is clicking, it’s scary. It was clicking on all cylinders against Georgia.

Things that stood out in a bad way.

  • Mississippi State’s secondary - The Bulldogs continue to get gashed through the air. The Minutemen were averaging less than 300 yards total per game, and they almost got that much alone passing the football Saturday.
  • Georgia - I didn’t think Georgia would beat Ole Miss, and I wasn’t really sure it would be close, but I did not expect the Bulldogs to be completely embarrassed.
  • South Carolina and Kentucky - That was a truly dreadful game that someone had to win by default.
  • Quincy Wilson - The brash defensive back for Florida brought a lot of attention to the UT - UF game with his quote about ducks pulling trucks. And for a while, it looked like he would be right. But alas, the Gators collapsed and let a 21 point lead slip through their fingers.

Time to rank the SEC. This is just my opinion of how the SEC should be stacked up from 1 through 14.

SEC Power Rankings

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (Previous Week, #1: 4-0)

Nothing new here. The Tide is still really good, and they stay at the top of the rankings.

#2 Texas A&M Aggies (Previous Week, #2: 4-0)

The Aggies used to win by chucking the ball around the field and outscoring their opponents. Now, they’re doing it with defense and a strong running game. We’ll see if it continues.

#3 Tennessee Volunteers (Previous Week, #3: 4-0)

The Vols might be setting themselves up for a terrible collapse. But for right now, they’re winning even if it is in the most unconventional ways possible.

#4 Ole Miss Rebels (Previous Week, #8: 2-2)

Ole Miss could win their last eight games and finish 10-2. I don’t know that they will, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

#5 Arkansas Razorbacks (Previous Week, #4: 3-1)

I’m still not sold on the Razorbacks. But so far they’ve done enough to stay in the top half of the rankings so far.

#6 Florida Gators (Previous Week, #5: 3-1)

The Gators had a chance to take control of the SEC East. They had a 21 point lead on the road in what was going to be their toughest conference game of the season. And they blew it.

#7 Auburn Tigers (Previous Week, #9: 2-2)

The Tigers struggle to score points. But the defense is really solid and will kepp them in games. If they can figure out how to put the ball in the end zone, they’ll win some games.

#8 LSU Tigers (Previous Week, #7: 2-2)

In my eyes, there are only two results left for the Tigers now they have let Miles go. One, they completely collapse because they don’t know what to play for. The other is they rally around Ed Orgeron and win almost every game from here on out. We’ll see which one happens.

#9 Georgia Bulldogs (Previous Week, #6: 3-1)

The terrible play of the Bulldogs finally caught up to them. They still have some games they can win, but it’s going to be some rough sledding in the first year under Kirby Smart.

#10 Missouri Tigers (Previous Week #10: 2-2)

I came real close to putting them ahead of Georgia. But they still have a loss to the Bulldogs, so I think they have to stay behind UGA for now.

#11 Mississippi St. Bulldogs (Previous Week #11: 2-2)

There are going to be a lot of games like the last one against UMass. But just because the game wasn’t pretty, this game still can win six games. Why that’s the case will have to wait for another post.

#12 Vanderbilt Commodores (Previous Week #12: 2-2)

A comeback win over Western Kentucky does not get the Commodores moved up in the poll.

#13 Kentucky Wildcats (Previous Week #14: 2-2)

Kentucky won the battle of the two worst teams in the conference. So they get to be 13th.

#14 South Carolina Gamecocks (Previous Week: #13, 2-2)

South Carolina lost the battle of the worst two teams in the conference. So they get to be 14th.