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The Coming Battle: A look At Mississippi State’s Upcoming SEC Opponents


NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Massachusetts Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

We saw this week a truth of life. Times respects no person. We have already seen changes in coaches this early in the season. We also saw old heroes and young stars that we respect pass on from this world. So what is important then? Appreciate and care for those around you and enjoy the sports that you love. Just remember, they are a sport not life and death.

Auburn was gifted with a win last week. You can’t say they won it, nobody won that game. The GREATEST OFFENSIVE “GURU” in the world could only manage 6 field goals. Dang Gus you had us all on the edge of our seats (ready to leave). This week the Warhawks of UL Monroe (1-2) come calling. They have fallen on hard times also and this won’t will not be the best roost to pull themselves together. Auburn is trying to ready their feathers for a flight to Starkvegas next week. Both birds will leave some feathers on the turf but the Warhawks will not be able to kick as many field goals as Gus’s feathered friends. T-DAWG’S loser — UL Monroe

Kentucky found a way or took the gifts that South Carolina gave them last week. Either way you look at it they left smiling like an opossum leaving a chicken nest. I hope they had their fill of Gamecock eggs to gain their strength as they head into Tuscaloosa. Colonel Stoops will have his troops excited by the large tracks they find in Bryant-Denny. The excitement will quickly turn to sheer terror when the Pachyderms come storming out of the tunnel. The Wildcats have never learned to ride “Big AL” and will not Saturday either as they are trampled to death. T-DAWG’S loser — Kentucky.

Texas A&M had a little more in their tank than I gave them credit for last week and ended up eating their belly full of pork roast and even put a little in the freezer. This week Coach Sumlin loads his AGGIES up to head over to Columbia, SC. He heard they might be able to find a few yard-birds for the taking. His wildest wishes will come true as his boys get pure giddy plucking Carolina before throwing them on the grill with some Texas sauce for flavoring. T-DAWG’S loser — South Carolina

Arkansas left Texas last week licking their wounds that the Aggies inflicted. They get home in time to find some Indian Braves from the reservation in Lorman, MS looking to make camp in Little Rock. The Braves are 1-2 having lost two conference games already to their “challenged” compadres. These Braves will try to pen up the boys form Arkansas but when they climb into the pen with them the HOGS will go into a feeding frenzy as they consume their unsuspecting visitors. T-DAWG’S loser — Alcorn St.

Finally, TSUN welcomes the Memphis Tigers to Oxford. The Tigers went way beyond what was necessary last week beating (1-3) Bowling Green 77-3. Just like I talked about Missouri putting up 79 points on their inferior opponent last week, what goes around will always come around. Now true enough the Tigers are 3-0 but they will not sneak into Oxford unnoticed. Hell hath no fury like a spurned Southern Belle. TSUN will remember what Memphis did last year and will have a heaping bowl of “Hotty Toddy” waiting for the Tigers. It might be payback for last year and for Bowling Green. T-DAWG’S loser — Memphis.

Everyone, we need to get ready to make Davis-Wade ROCK next weekend. If Game-Day comes to town we MUST show them how we feel about our Beloved State. Last Saturday they went to Auburn and OMG, there were more cheerleaders there than fans.. They couldn’t do a wide shot because there wasn’t anyone outside the booth. I was embarrassed for Auburn, really. We need to get ready to intimidate the bunch from Auburn and fire our boys up. Seriously let’s get it done! It might be a trial run show for a new AD hire either watching or present. Let’s show out.

Enjoy the games and each other. Make every day count, tomorrow may never come.

What a maroon and emesewe....thanks for your encouragement. I really do appreciate it. Go DAWGS!!!!!