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“Squishy and the Karate Kid”

This week we want to introduce you to another set of partners on your Coed Cheerleader Squad. They are delightful partners which not only do a tremendous job cheering but have a bucketful of other talents as well. I think you will be a little “wowed” as you learn about them. Let us introduce you to Karley Smith and Cody Shirley.

Karley is a junior from Brookhaven, MS. majoring in Elementary Education. Karley attended West Lincoln High School. She played softball and basketball at West Lincoln but said she was most talented at cheering and that was her real love. Including her high school years, Karley was a member of the competitive cheer team at MS Gym of Dreams for ten years. After high school Karley attended Colin Jr. College in Wesson, MS for two years where she also cheered. She then transferred to Miss. St. and was accepted into the Coed Cheer squad.

She credits her family and God as her motivation for everything she does and all she has accomplished so far in life. She tries to always stay positive in any situation and smile. Sounds like Karley understands the old saying about recognizing what she can control/ change and give the rest to HIM. Smart Move. Karley plans to return back to her hometown after graduation and teach K-3 as well as working with special needs children.

When Karley was playing softball in junior high one of the older girls noticed her “bouncy” and funny personality. She then gave Karley her nickname which she still carries today when she told her “Hey Karley, You Are My SQUISHY” (which comes from FINDING NEMO). Yeah Squishy is grown up now but she still responds to the nickname.

Cody Shirley is from Glasgow, Kentucky and graduated from Glasgow High School. Cody is now a junior majoring in Kinesiology. Cody began cheering in high school his sophomore year but began to cheer on a competition team only his senior year seeing it as a way to hopefully cheer in college. Cody worked hard, sharpened his skills and then went to a tryout at Mississippi State. The rest is history as Cody is now in his third year cheering at Miss. St.

Cody does his best to motivate his teammates in practice and has no problem keeping a smile on his face because as he says “I cheer for the best school in the nation”. Just like his partner, Cody credits his parents and God as being the main motivation in his life to work hard and stay committed. “My parents have been my biggest supporter ever since I started cheering. They do what is necessary to see me succeed and support me in every decision that I make. In addition to God and my parents, my grandma is also a vital part of my story. “

Cody said that being from Kentucky he grew up a Louisville fan but when he stepped out onto Davis-Wade for the first time his freshman year, seeing the sold-out crowd and hearing those Cowbells he knew he had found a forever home. Then getting to follow his squad to the Orange Bowl when Dak was a junior will always be a great memory. After graduating Cody plans to attend Occupational Therapy School then find a job as a PT working with Special Needs children (like Karley...hmmm).

Cody does have a really awesome skill and talent that few people know about. “When I was younger, I competed on Team USA for karate and traveled to Spain and Germany to compete. I won two gold medals, two silver medals, and four bronze medals.” Wow Cody, can we get you to suit up sometime and help us on defense maybe?

Cody and Karley invite you to follow them if you like:

Instagram: capta1n_scooter (for Cody)

Instagram: karley_alayne (for Karley)

Cody and Karley invite you to holler at them and cheer with them. It would be great if we can bring that feeling of two years ago back when Auburn comes calling again next Saturday by filling up Davis-Wade with the DAWG Nation and help our cheerleaders bring the house down as we STAND UP AND CHEER.