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5 Word Reactions: I hate you South Alabama

This game was garbage. Here’s what twitter said.

NCAA Football: South Alabama at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

This game was not fun. It was, more or less, considerably less than ideal. Here’s what twitter had to say about it.

Some people, including myself, aren’t too happy with Dan Mullen right now

Others, like me, are making their way to where the alcohol is

These folks, also like me, are readjusting our expectations for the rest of the season

And some folks, again like me, want to say a lot more about this game

No, I won’t shoot you

There’s also a lot of fury and anger and it’s all somewhat justifiable

We miss you, Dak

And then there were a lot of tweets that were, well, less than family friendly. Those won’t be shared here. I’m going to go drink now. May we never have to watch a game like this again.

Oh, and basketball, please be here soon