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OH BROTHER This Hurt !

NCAA Football: South Alabama at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

When I started this season long series and previewed it for you last week I never gave much thought to having to write the first one on my Beloved DAWGS. After all but one SEC team has now played their first game I am afraid that is exactly where I find myself. I cannot wait until TSUN (Ole Miss for newborns) plays tomorrow night. I have put this off all day hoping the alarm would go off and it would all have been a nightmare I had by falling asleep at the half in my recliner. Unfortunately it is not, it is COLD HARD REALITY.

Thursday night I said well, I guess I will be writing on Vanderbilt choking on a chicken bone at home but alas no, at least it was a SEC team. Then I said well maybe Tennessee because they had both legs caught in a bear trap by them Mountaineers of Appalachian State but no, as bad as the volunteer quarterback looked (He will never come close to Dak!) they still won baby.

Maybe LSU? They haven’t solved a blessed thing from last year’s canoe full of problems but hey it was Wisconsin they lost to. Florida man they were looking like a possibility but then they put on a spurt, nah, move on. The Aggies can’t be faulted, Alabama found their quarterback I mean for real…Lights OUT! Arkansas gave me a chance to write about them but dang-it they pulled that one out! Kentucky with a big lead folded up against a pretty good USM team, but no I can’t do that because I just said….USM is pretty good dang-it again!

Hey there is always Aubbie..yeah that’s the answer. Oh wait a minute, Clemson played poorly, Auburn played some real defense but their offense (WHAT OFFENSE?) already left town on the “GUS BUS” for parts unknown. Still they had a real chance to win. I have no choice left L

Now it is time for us to eat our diet of stomach churning, gut wrenching, so mad we could spit….unbelievable loss to Mobile College ( I can’t say USA< USA< USA) because that makes we fell like puking. Friends, we must still be sitting in the locker room waiting to come out for the 2nd half because we certainly never showed up on the field.

You have to give their quarterback Dallas Davis (Double no don’t go there) credit. He came out to play and win. He was 24-34 for 285 yards and 2 TDs with a 160 efficiency rating! Their TE, Josh Magee had 113 yards receiving. You know they love our secondary because they helped both of those dudes go in the first round of the NFL draft (sarcasm here).

Our quarterback (cough, cough) didn’t do that badly…20-28 for 143 yards and a TD while running for 93 yards on 12 carries. Hey folks our quarterback WAS our leading rusher! But..he ain’t no DAK baby and he shouldn’t have to be. Where were our other running backs? Our receivers? STEP THE FREAK UP!

Even with no offense in the 2nd half we still rushed as a team 239 yards on 34 carries we should win! 150 yards on the ground and 200 in the air should be a win for us 80% of the time. 372 yards of offense and we should be feeling better than we feel today folks.

So, what happened? A search party has been sent out to locate our defense because they haven’t been seen since the 1st half yesterday. If you find them please return them, well…..some of them anyway.

A.J. Jefferson had 2 sacks yesterday, Leo Lewis (an MVP) had 9 tackles. Other than that ladies and gentleman nobody else did squat on defense yesterday. Their receivers looked like they had escaped Wal-Mart with computers and were running for home with nobody to cover them even on the radar. When we were there we were looking for autographs from them instead of the freaking BALL! No idea where the ball was most of the time. Is that the coaches fault, I don’t think so. YOU KNOW they knew the fundamentals to covering or they wouldn’t have been out there, heck they wouldn’t have been recruited! Richie Brown, I love you and have thought so much of you as a person and a player. You went to SEC Media days to speak for the defensive side of us. On Saturday you made 6 tackles, which isn’t awful, but you seemingly disappeared at times. You’re incredibly talented and an emotional leader, and with a team that needs a spark, we need you to be it. You’re better than what you showed on the field, Richie. We’ve seen you do it before, we need you to do it again this season.

Yes, WE are the SEC BUST OF THE WEEK and we will be next week unless some players get ready to play and execute, play with some heart, passion and pride. My God think of how we have stood up LSU, Alabama and others at the goal line the last two years. We still have a lot of those players but we had NONE of those with our play yesterday. We weren’t great on offense but we did enough to win, our defense can’t say that with a straight face because they know it isn’t true.

Now I am loyal to my DAWG Bone and will always support our university and teams. Yesterday was on the players, if it happens next week then it is on the coaches! Players, I love you all. We all do if we are true State alumni but please understand. You are privileged to have the opportunity that you do. Look at the naval Midshipman who came out of the stands in his dress whites yesterday because the other 3 quarterbacks had gotten hurt. He suited up during halftime, went out and played with pride and honor for his school.

I feel this way. Guys, if you can’t play with that kind of heart, pride and passion then please, clean out your locker and go home. Somebody in the stands would give all they have for the opportunity that you threw away yesterday. Still I say, GO DAWGS. LET’s GO!!!!!!!

On a lighter note, Anna Scholes (see “GET FIRED UP” article) was suggested on Facebook for this website, as a possible quarterback. I asked her if she was willing... no response as of yet. Go to her Instagram and

Sorry folks I just had to say what was on my alumni heart today. I hope it matters to someone.

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