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Will Mississippi State Make A Bowl Game? Ten for Ten

In this weeks Ten for Ten, we review our preseason expectations and compare them to right now.

NCAA Football: South Alabama at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Last Week FWtCT introduced a new series Ten for Ten. This week is the first week in which we will review the previous weeks results.

The QB Battle has been the topic of the offseason: Most of the fanbase believed that Nick Fitzgerald would win the QB battle against South Alabama. Which as of this moment, Damian Williams played the most snaps at QB against USA.

And the fanbase was split on whether the WRs or the RBs would score the most TDs. Surprisingly the Bulldogs had 2 TDs that were split between a RB and a WR which is a big reason why MSU lost on Saturday.

We had some fun predictions regarding who would win the NFC East and the SEC West. Those of you predicting Alabama are looking sharp. But those of you predicting Arkansas, LSU, and Mississippi State better hope you didn’t put your money where your mouth is.

I must say the Dr. Pepper is by far the best soft drink. But you were smart enough to pick Coke over Pepsi so I will let it go.

You guys were correct to pick Chad Kelly over Josh Dobbs. Kelly played an ACC team while Dobbs played a Sun Belt team...

The offensive line is the one position I have the most concern for as well. MSU has the players on roster to manage QB and RB. Whether we play them or not is another story... The question is the Offensive Line which in my opinion is a huge concern after watching Saturday’s game.

I left Ole Miss off of this list because I knew that would beat out both of these teams. But I was curious anyway. Its not surprising to see the fanbase want to beat Alabama. Personally I would rather beat Alabama over Ole Miss anyday and I would certainly rather beat Alabama over LSU. So good choice as well.

This next week we will start sharing individual answers because we are going to certainly here some interesting answers following last weeks game.

We had one user predict South Alabama to be the game that had the least confidence of Mississippi State winning, but this user also predicted MSU to win 45-6. No one predicted a losing score.

Just a FYI of the people that responded last week, No one predicted MSU to have a losing record and the range was 7-5 to 10-2 with 8-4 being the average. Today we are going to reask this question to see if people have a different opinion after Saturday’s events.

We are also going to asking questions related to Dan Mullens hotseat, Dak Prescott, and the possibility of a bowl game.

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