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POLL: Will Mississippi State Make it to a Bowl Game?

After a devastating loss to South Alabama, do Mississippi State fans still believe the Bulldogs can make it to a bowl game?

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The loss to the South Alabama Jaguars still stings nearly 72 hours later. Doubt and fear has crept in to the fans of the Bulldogs like it never has before.

Up until this past Saturday, Dan Mullen had never had such a head scratching loss in his time as the head coach of the Mississippi St. Bulldogs. He's working on a six game bowl streak, but can that continue when you lose to a team like South Alabama?

I have my own thoughts on the topic, but one of the things I learned when I was a student at Mississippi State is not to interject your own opinion when trying to collect polling data. So I'll save my opinion on the matter for a later time.

In the mean time, I am curious to what our readers think about the prospects of going bowling this season. So this will be the subject of the poll question this week.

Last week, I gave you a bunch of options to use for the poll. This week, we're going to keep it a lot simpler. It's a straight up yes or no question.

Put your vote in on whether or not you believe the Bulldogs will keep their bowl streak alive. I'd love to know why you still have faith, or why you think the streak comes to a halt. It would be great if you could put your reasoning in the comments section. Let your voice be heard. Personally, I think there is an argument to be made either way.