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Getting A Pulse on Future SEC Games

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Florida vs Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, all the SEC teams have played a game now (or 12 games) so we can start to get some idea about what is out there ahead us “ON THE HORIZON”. It will change from week to week as the season develops and teams start to get their act together or the wheels fall off in the middle of the road. There is no doubt that there will be some teams that go each way. There always is.

Immediately rising over Davis-Wade Stadium is South Carolina who in a handful of days will seeking to throw their head back and CROW like they found a way to in Nashville. Granted last week’s game with Vanderbilt was not anything that will ever be shown on ESPN Classics but...IT WAS A WIN, AN SEC WIN. Most teams in the conference are still looking for what the Gamecocks already have. WE are SO capable of plucking these “Yard Birds” and throwing a few on the grill post game. I think we will as our DAWGS break the chain that binds them and get the cock-a-doos’ by the throat. Yes I was disappointed as we all were last week but I still think a winning season can and should happen. It must start Saturday night.

The Bayou Bengals left their hot sauce at home last week and had nothing to spice things up with when they ran into some pesky Badgers. The same problems they had last year with teams loading the box on them because LSU’s quarterback Harris still hasn’t learned how to read a defense and throw passes well under pressure are still pulling them down. Let’s just hope Harris has the same problems when we visit “Death Valley” next week. WHEN we win this week, we can then GEAUX visit the Kittens and try to take them a little “Voo Doo” Bulldog style.

Next those Auburn Tigers come calling. Now you have to admit that Auburn’s defense played a heck of a game against Clemson and gave their offense opportunities to win. It wasn’t to be though as “Wizard Malzahn” looked like Barney Fife as he constantly shot his toes off changing quarterbacks more often than some teenagers change clothes. When it came down to crunch time, Ole Barney was out of bullets again. I HOPE we have our act together by the time ‘The Gus Bus” putters into town. If we don’t could we see “3-2” Act II?

We will have some time then to get ready for A&M who looked “re-born” against UCLA as they played better defense than they have in a month of Sundays. I don’t think they have another Manziel though and hopefully other teams will start to expose them more than an over-rated UCLA team could. I will not even speculate on the Aggies yet.

The Crimson Tide was “Crimson IN Clover” Saturday night. They sputtered at first maybe because they were holding their sides laughing at the “toy soldiers” making like dogs on the prowl during pregame. Once the laughing stopped, the Trojans got knocked out of the saddle more times than a pretend cowboy on a bucking bull at a classy honky-tonk while George Straight sang and drank. I will not even loose sleep thinking about this one yet.

The “SOO-EE SOO-EE” Pig Hauler pulls up to the “Back-Forty” to unload and get greased up for the pig chase in Davis-Wade. The Hogs weren’t sure where the feeding trough was last Saturday but found enough crumbs laying around to put down La. Tech. They will get better and be trying to sniff out a bowl game trip when they arrive but hopefully we will be MUCH better by then also and can have “Roasted Pig” post game. CAGE THE PIGS....

I started to feel better when TSUN took a wrong turn coming out of their locker room in Tallahassee Monday night. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but smile :) from ear to ear when Kelly got his colors confused and started throwing to every Indian that jumped out from behind a tree and the camera showed the faces of some TSUN fans i shock and the rear end of the others as they headed back to the Grove to get ready for a sacrificial lamb to arrive in Oxford Saturday. Now how good would that make Thanksgiving Dinner taste if they will “Un-Play” like that when “The Dawgs” come to “water” their grass in November and take OUR STATE’s trophy back to where it belongs. MAN I CAN TASTE IT NOW! Delicious as mom’s homemade Banana Puddin’.

Keep The Faith “DAWG NATION” and trust we have put our worst game of the year behind us now. Go DAWGS!!!!