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Tim Tebow Should be Required to Take Batting Practice with Jake Mangum and Mississippi State Baseball

Tim Tebow signed a contract with the Mets. He'll be in Starkville this weekend. Mississippi State is a baseball school. All of this means that Tim Tebow should be required to take batting practice with Mississippi State.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Unless you've been under a rock or avoiding the sports interwebs world entirely, you probably know by now that Tim Tebow, former NFL quarterback and Heisman winner for the Florida Gators, has signed a contract to go play with the New York Mets. Because reasons.

Well, as we all know by now, Tim Tebow, and the rest of SEC Nation will be in Starkville this weekend for the Mississippi State-South Carolina football game. But after Mississippi State fell to South Alabama and South Carolina is, well, still awful, there are other events that might be more interesting to watch while you're in Starkville this weekend.


Good question, friend. The idea of Tim Tebow and Jake Mangum hitting home runs in batting practice this weekend.

That's right. I would find this incredibly entertaining. And if the football game turns out to be a defensive slugfest, there's a good chance that these two alone could hit more home runs than both Mississippi State and South Carolina could score points. And that's not including guys like Brent Rooker, who competed in the College Home Run Derby, or Cole Gordon and his magnificent mullet, and every other hard working member of the Mississippi State baseball team.

So, Tim Tebow, if you love Dan Mullen, the SEC, and the sport of baseball, you will take batting practice with the Mississippi State baseball team. Because reasons.