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For Whom the Podcast Tolls: South Carolina Preview

On this episode fo For Whom the Podcast Tolls, Ethan Lee looks ahead at the next opponent for the Mississippi State Bulldogs

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On this episode of For Whom the Podcast Tolls, Ethan Lee looks at the upcoming game against the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and the challenges they might present this Saturday. Ethan then answers listener questions from twitter and also examines a slightly controversial no-call from the South Alabama game.

Feel free to send any and all criticisms, complaints, and cupcakes to Ethan on twitter at @leeethanj. You can tweet any questions and comments about the show to @mstatecast. Follow along and reach out to the entire For Whom the Cowbell Tolls community at @mstatesports.

Oh, and surprise, extra feature.

You can listen to me awkwardly talk about the South Alabama game with Mark Rogers below. Mark is a great guy and he has great content, so go check out his youtube channel.