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Dak Prescott has Really Cool Billboards in Dallas

Mississippi State’s greatest is getting some cool attention leading up to his first NFL start.

NFL: Preseason-Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott is the greatest ever to play for Mississippi State. Now he’s starting in the NFL. To celebrate that, there’s some cool new billboards up supporting Dak in his professional football endeavors.

This is a fantastic marketing campaign for several reasons:

  1. This highlights that a former player for Mississippi State is now about to start at the highest level of football in one of the largest cities in America for a football team that describes themselves as “America’s team.” Reminding folks where Dak Prescott became the legend that he is today is brilliant. Stuff like this can never hurt recruiting out of state.
  2. It helps show the culture of the Mississippi State, both the university and the fanbase, and that we are willing to support former players that are now at the next level, regardless of where the end up (I’m still upset that Dak isn’t in Houston, to be completely honest).
  3. Mississippi State University has a rather large amount of Texans that go to school in Starkville. Putting your brand up for everybody to see is a wise move when you’re trying to grow as a university. Schools in Texas are expensive and competitive, so universities in surrounding states benefit by getting good students to come because of scholarship money.

And there’s other reasons for it, but regardless, good for Dak Prescott and good job, Mississippi State athletics (or whichever group put the billboards up).