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Mississippi State is Reportedly Looking to Replace Peter Sirmon

Mississippi State v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Mississippi State’s defensive woes this season were well known and it drew the ire of many fans all year. However, rumors began floating around recently that Peter Sirmon might potentially be on his way out for a new job, possibly the job up at Colordado.

And now it looks like there might be some weight to at least part of the rumors. Mike Bonner of the Clarion Ledger is reporting that sources have told him that Mississippi State and “Dan Mullen will make changes on the defensive side of the ball.”

Rumors will continue to fly around regarding the position. It’s not a secret that the job has seen plenty of turnover the past few years, and it’s possible that a change at the defensive coordinator position will equal more changes among assistant coaches.

Coaching changes are always tough. It impacts not only the coaches but also their spouses and children. However, it is often a necessary move. If Mississippi State has someone lined up that can help the Bulldogs get more wins then they should absolutely pursue a coaching change here.

Hopefully this will be a smooth transition and any coaches that are replaced can land on their feet and have success in the future.