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Mizzou is Openly Copying the Left Field Lounge from Mississippi State Baseball

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

The Left Field Lounge is something that is unique to Mississippi State baseball. It is a well known tradition and is something that is sacred to Bulldogs everywhere. It’s something that is unique to the “Carnegie Hall of College Baseball.” Sure, there are imitations elsewhere, and that’s fine. But nobody has outright copied in name.

Until, well, Missouri. Missouri is outright copying the Left Field Lounge. And they’re pretty damn proud about it.

And as a result, I’m making it my personal mission to wage war on Mizzou and their official twitter accounts.

Missouri, you are evil. I hope you never win another baseball game for the rest of eternity. I will attempt to get that engraved on my tombstone. And, in 50 years when my grandchildren ask why I hate Missouri beyond reason, I’ll simply link them to this article.