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POLL: Where will the Mississippi State Baseball Team Finish Compared to 2016?

Will the Bulldogs be able to repeat as SEC Champions or is a step back likely to occur based on the talent the program lost?

2016 was a special season. The Mississippi State Bulldogs Baseball  Team was viewed as the third best team in the SEC West when 2016 started, but ended up going from dead last in the SEC in 2015 to outright champs in 2016.

Repeating as SEC Champs will be a tough hill to climb. The Bulldogs lost a huge chunk of their production, and getting an idea of how this team will respond is no easy task.

There is talent, but much of the talent like seemingly every other program at the school in 2016-17, is very inexperienced. Can these guys lead the charge back to an SEC Title or will they take a step or two back to the back with the loss of such amazing talent on the team?

This is the subject of the Baseball Preview Poll Question. How do you thing the Bulldogs will do in 2017 compared to 2016?

The Bulldogs went 40-14-1 in the regular season and advanced all the way to the Super Regionals before being eliminated by the Arizona Wildcats. For now, we are only going to focus on how you think the team will do in the regular season. We might revisit people's opinion on how they might perform in the postseason later on, just not right now.

Please vote in both poll questions. As always, I would love to hear your reasoning in the comments section below the poll questions as well. It's always good to hear why people voted the way they did.