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2017 Mississippi State Baseball Preview: 3rd Base

The Bulldogs have a very productive hitter who needs to be replaced at the hot corner.

Harrison Bragg, Mississippi State Baseball Third Baseman
Kelly Price: @HailStatePics

Gavin Collins made a big transition in his junior season. He went from catcher to third base, and did fairly well for the most part. He was great swinging the bat, but the fielding was always a work in progress.

There were other players who played third base for the Bulldogs, but he was the primary player at the Hot Corner, so I’m only listing his stats as the ones to use for departing players.

Departing Bulldog Third Basemen

  • Gavin Collins - .302 BA, .516 SLG%, 10 HR, 39 RBIs

Gavin Collins was like the canvas a painter puts his work of art on. He struggled with his batting average and his fielding quite a bit to start the season, but made huge strides as the season progressed. Towards the end of the 2016 season, he was as productive of a hitter as the Bulldogs had in their lineup.

He like many of the other regulars in the Mississippi State Bulldogs Baseball team lineup, was drafted and signed a contract to play professionally. There was no immediate replacement on the roster already, so the Bulldogs turned to the JUCO ranks to find his successor.

Incoming Players

  • Harrison Bragg - Tacoma Community College (Leakewood, WA)

The coaching staff went across the country to find the replacement for Gavin Collins. But it appears they might have found quite the diamond in the rough.

Harrison Bragg hit .408 with 4 home runs with 32 RBIs in 93 at-bats for Tacoma Community College in 2016. He is supposed to be a more than capable defender as well. If he can adjust his game to SEC competition quickly, then there shouldn’t be any type of a drop off at third base.