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Stand Up and Cheer

An Ambidextrous Worm?

This is a critical week for Miss. State football but then all the rest will be critical. We have the best cheerleaders in the SEC working hard to lead us every week, all week. This week we want to introduce you to another “newbie”.

Her name is Abbi Jones. She is an eighteen year old freshman from Brandon, Mississippi and Brandon High School. Abbi is beginning on her journey towards a B.S. degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Nursing. Well you go girl, several of us at have been through much of what is ahead of you and can identify with what is coming at you. When Abbi’s days at MSU are done she plans to go to nursing school then work in a hospital caring for all she comes in contact with.

Abbi did competitive cheer for six years then made the cheer squad at Brandon Middle School. Abbi spent the next six years practicing for 2 - 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. She believes the constant, intense practices helped her to be ready to compete for a spot on the MSU coed squad. That was a goal of hers that she had worked for a long time to achieve.

Abbi credits Dana Martella as being the biggest influence in her young life. She says that Dana always holds such a high standard for her performance and pushes her to excel to her very highest level of performance at her sport of cheering. She says that Ms. Martella exemplifies the meaning of a loving and caring person through every circumstance of life.

Abbi’s coed partner is Bradley Witherspoon who is a junior from the metropolis of Saltillo, Mississippi and Saltillo High School majoring in Business Administration. Bradley cheered for one year of high school then two years at Itawamba Community College. While at Itawamba he came to every cheer clinic offered at State to prepare himself to cheer at State and to also try to make himself recognized. Bradley says his biggest influence would have to be his aunt Daphyne. “She is doing well with her life and I try to follow every step she did when she was at MSU. She was a business major as well.”

I laughed at Bradley’s “Best Memory at State” response when he said a teacher told him “Your attendance does not affect your grade”. Bradley, IF you believe that I have some ocean front land in Arizona I would love to sell you.

Special talents for these two: Abbi - I can do the worm. Bradley — I am ambidextrous. I can identify with both of these guys. In my younger days I could (and did) do a lot of different dances including “Break Dancing” and the “Worm” but those days are gone. I have always been ambidextrous though being able to throw a football and baseball with either arm effectively and being an equally good switch hitter in baseball.

Abbi says that Bradley is a great partner who makes her laugh and “has yet to drop me”! OK Bradley the pressure is on now but please don’t ever drop Abbi.

When you see these two out front this week follow their lead and get loud as they seek to get us to Stand Up and Cheer!

Maybe if we take care of business Abbi will show us her special talent before time expires???

You can follow Abbi or Bradley at:

Twitter: @abbbijones @bwspoon6

Snap chat: @abbbijones @brad_wspoon25

Instagram: @abbi.jones @ bwspoon6