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Egg Bowl Rivalry has made its way to Amazon

Even though this should be the least surprising development in the history of the Egg Bowl rivalry, I find myself still surprised.

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NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

For those unaware, Steve Robertson of wrote a book about the Ole Miss recruiting investigation. It’s called Flim Flam, and you can find it on Amazon here.

Now, Amazon is like most sites that sell things and allows customers to post reviews to help aid potential buyers who might need some insight into what they are buying. Steve’s book is given the same option. And this is where the title of our story comes in to play.

Through October 7th, there were 17 reviews on Amazon of Steve’s book. All but one gave it five stars. My guess is these are Mississippi State fans who purchased the book as they all read something along the lines of this review by Kay B. McDonnell. “Thank you, Steve Robertson for writing a thoroughly enlightening account of the NCAA investigation of athletics at the University of Mississippi. I'm looking forward to the sequel.”

All of a sudden though, the book has received 48 additional reviews since Tuesday, all except for one gave it two stars or less. Most of them are likely Ole Miss fans, because this review from Teddy Ashley is the basic gist of every single one of them.

Thought this book would be about recruiting. This turned out to be more of a butt hurt fans diary book. Wow, the obsession with UM is unreal. I guess one addiction follows another. Bad grammar, delusions of grandeur, obvious agendas---- this book has it all. I gave it one star just because it is handy to start fires, would have given it 2 stars but the quality of paper it is printed on does not serve well for toilet paper.

Since most of these reviews have popped up in the last two days, my guess is there was a call to action from an Ole Miss message board or something similar to flood Amazon’s reviews with terrible reviews to drive down the star rating on Flim Flam.

I don’t know what turn the Egg Bowl Rivalry will take next. But if you had mega online retailer in the “strange but true facts about the Egg Bowl Rivalry” pool, then you’re the lucky winner.