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Mississippi State Bulldogs News and Notes: Gameday Against BYU

Get ready, folks! It’s an early game for us!

Mississippi State v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Around the web:

Roger Goodell’s wife used secret Twitter to defend her husband- This is easily one of the weirdest stories I’ve seen this week, and there’s quite a few weird stories out there. From The Takery.

Mississippi Underdog Transport Team (MUTTS) is heading to Virginia with 50 dogs and cats in need of homes- Underdogs from Mississippi, huh? Aside from the obvious sports jokes that could be made here, this is a cool, heartwarming story. From Magnolia State Live.

In case you missed it from For Whom the Cowbell Tolls:

Cookin’ Up the Competition: BYU Edition- “Now with caffeine!!!”

Why it’s still very possible for Mississippi State to finish 9-3- “A lot of fans are doubting how many wins the Bulldogs can still get in 2017, but the Bulldogs are still better than most of the rest of the teams on their schedule.”

Mississippi State vs BYU preview- The Bulldogs return to action after a bye week to take on a struggling BYU team

Egg Bowl Rivalry has made its way to Amazon- “Even though this should be the least surprising development in the history of the Egg Bowl rivalry, I find myself still surprised.”

Are you ready for some... Basketball?- “The basketball season draws closer as the calendar winds down on 2017.”

Weekend Look Ahead: BYU- “Taking an early look ahead to what awaits Mississippi State when BYU visits Starkville.”

Today’s Tunes:

Roger Creager is a fantastic musician. A Pirate Looks At Forty is a brilliant song written by a brilliant mind.