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SEC Power Rankings Week 8

Stacking up the SEC from 1 to 14

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It was a crazy weekend for college football, and the SEC was not immune. Auburn blew a huge lead in the second half against LSU, and while it was exciting, it makes figuring out what to do with Auburn, LSU, and Mississippi State very difficult. So this is what I came up with.

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (Last Week: 1)

Alabama is still doing what Alabama does.

#2 Georgia Bulldogs (Last Week: #2)

Missouri gave them a better game than I thought they would, but the result was ultimately what we expected.

#3 Texas A&M Aggies (Last Week: #4)

Is Texas A&M the third best team in the SEC? Probably not. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure they’re in the top 6, but for now, they’ve done what they needed to earn this spot. I don’t expect them to stay there though.

#4 Kentucky Wildcats (Last Week: #5)

Everything I said about Texas A&M is doubly true about Kentucky. I don’t think this team is that great, and I think it starts to show this weekend. But for now, they get to be number 4

#5 South Carolina Gamecocks (Last Week: #6)

South Carolina is going to win a lot of games in which they don’t look that great or play particularly well. And at the end of the season when they have 8 or so wins, we’ll wonder how they did it.

#6 Mississippi St. Bulldogs (Last Week: #8)

I don’t know if this is right, but since every other poll has gone with most recent bias for putting LSU ahead of Mississippi State in everything, I’m going to take the opposite approach and remember the fact Mississippi State did beat LSU by 30 an everyone loved them at some point

#7 LSU Tigers (Last Week: #8)

LSU gets to go here because I don’t know what else to do with them.

#8 Auburn Tigers (Last Week: #3)

Yeah, they beat Mississippi State by 39, but they lost to a team that lost to Mississippi State by 30 and Troy.

#9 Ole Miss Rebels (Last Week: #13)

They can still score, but they still can’t play defense. They have a few more wins left, but probably not too many.

#10 Florida Gators (Last Week: #9)

Florida probably deserves to go further down, but the bottom of the SEC is really bad right now.

#11 Vanderbilt Commodores (Last Week: #10)

Vanderbilt was already low, so I couldn’t drop them too much further.

#12 Tennessee Volunteers (Last Week: #11)

Butch Jones is STILL the coach at Tennessee. That’s the joke.

#13 Arkansas Razorbacks (Last Week: #12)

You know what is really funny? This Bielema’s 5th season at Arkansas and he has 10 SEC wins. This is the same coach who won the Big 10 Championship 3 times.

#14 Missouri Tigers (Last Week: #13)

Until they win a game, they stay at 14.

That’s this week’s rankings. We’ll be back at it next week.