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Mississippi State fans should buy into the Stripeout this weekend

Mississippi State has tried to do stripe outs in the past to varying degrees of success.

BYU v Mississippi State Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

It’s always interesting to see to what degree Mississippi State fans will comply with the marketing department’s wishes when it comes to dressing in the color guidelines the school puts out before the start of the season. This week, Mississippi State wants to do a stripeout.

The school has had varying degrees of success with this idea. The only picture I could find was this one I found on Pinterest.

It kinda works, but there isn’t a full buy in from the fans. For some reason, a sizable enough portion of our fan base has a mentality that no one will tell them what to wear to a game. And I get that, but when you see the results of fans who have bought into it, the result can be pretty spectacular.

Check out this Stripeout from the Penn State Nittany Lions.

That’s an amazing look for television. When people see this graphic, it makes them pause when channel flipping because it catches your eye. There are some other really good examples as well.

Here’s one the Auburn Tigers did a while back.

Here’s one that the Michigan State Spartans did as well.

And if we can ever really buy in, we could try to pull off something similar to what the Maryland Terrapins did for one of their stripeouts.

That’s a pretty impressive feat Maryland pulled off. But if we want to shoot for the stars, we can try this type of stripeout that Missouri Tigers did.

They may not be good at football any more, but man does Missouri know how to get their fans to buy in for a stripeout. It would be really cool to see Davis Wade Stadium look similar. Let’s make it happen!