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Get Fired Up!

Living History

Well this is a huge week for us faithful DAWG fans and alumni including myself. I am looking forward to seeing some old friends at the School of Forest Resources (Class of ‘81) Homecoming get-together Saturday morning. Sure we loved our sports back then too but it is much different now as all sports teams (men and women) are having steady runs of success. The late Emory Bellard was the coach with John Bond, Mardye McDole, Michael Haddox, Glen Collins, Johnnie Cooks and Tyrone Keys leading the way on the gridiron. It was fun but it was a different age of football that has passed forever.

Homecoming 2017 is a time to reflect, celebrate good times and friends but to also appreciate how far our beloved STATE has come. This week we want to introduce you to a member of our All-Girl Cheer Team that works so hard at her academics and at her sport of cheering. These young ladies set the bar high as they lead us constantly to keep our spirit and enthusiasm high.

Her name is Ms. Caroline Henson. Caroline is a senior from Meridian, Mississippi and West Lauderdale High School. She is majoring in Food Science Nutrition and Health Promotion with a concentration in Nutrition.

Caroline says she has always been involved in some type of organized sport or team including dance and gymnastics where her love of performing began. She began to cheer on her school team as a seventh grader and cheered on her high school team until she graduated from West Lauderdale. During those years her team accumulated numerous state championship titles, and placed 10th in the nation her senior year. In addition to school cheer, Caroline competed at an all-star gym, East Mississippi Cheerleading from 8th-12th grade.

Caroline says her parents have definitely been the biggest influence in her life. “Regardless of the sport I was playing, they have always been my biggest fans. They have always been there to pick me up when I am down or encourage me when I am struggling, and at the end of the day, they always help me keep life in perspective. They always reminded me that my talents are not mine, but a gift from God and I should always glorify Him.” You can tell Caroline is well grounded in life.

Caroline has been lucky enough to experience some golden moments during her time at State. She said her best memory will always be traveling with the women’s basketball team to Dallas, Texas for the FINAL FOUR tournament where she had the honor of cheering when STATE BEAT UCONN!

“I still get chills when I think about that game. I absolutely love cheering for the women’s basketball team. They are incredible athletes, yet they are so approachable and humble at the same time. Having the opportunity to cheer them on the past three years has been such a privilege. I am looking forwarded to another amazing season!”

I can confirm the approach-ability of the women’s team from when they played at Auburn last year winning the game as forty or so alumni from my area cheered them on. After the game the ladies came up into the stands to hug and thank us for coming and made lots of photos with us.

After Caroline finishes her undergraduate degree she plans to complete a dietetic internship then earn her master’s degree and take the Registered Dietitian exam before beginning practicing as a Registered Dietitian. I have little doubt Caroline will succeed at each of her goals because of who she is and what she is about.

So when we see Caroline this weekend or any other time as she gets out in front of us to lead us to totally “Get Fired Up”.

Caroline invites you to follow her at:

Instagram: cara_boooo