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Mississippi State News and Notes

Everything you need to get through the work day

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NCAA Football: Kentucky at Mississippi State Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s do some good today:

Standing with G- This is a cause that’s actually kinda close to me. Gina Biscardi is a wonderful person who I had the pleasure of mentoring when I was a youth ministry intern a few summers back. She’s an incredibly kind 16 year old who has been diagnosed with Dysautonmia. You can buy a shirt or donate here or you can share this link to help her out.

Around the web:

Dan Mullen is now the 2nd most winningest coach at Mississippi State:

Nick Fitzgerald joined some elite company this past Saturday:

In was you missed it from For Whom the Cowbell Tolls:

Reviewing the Mississippi State South Loge- “My son Jackson and I tested out Mississippi State’s newest premium seating and here are my thoughts.”

Mississippi State answered a lot of questions that never should have been asked- “People overreacted to two bad losses and Mississippi State responded with a thumping over Kentucky.”

SEC Week 8 Recap and Results: This Conference is Weird- “There are a few good teams in the SEC and there are several really, really bad teams in the SEC. Everyone else is kinda in the middle.”

SEC Power Rankings: Week 9- “Stacking up the SEC from 1 to 14.”

These Kentucky Fans Were Very Confident and Are Very Wrong about the Mississippi State-Kentucky game- “They boldly picked Kentucky. They’re boldly wrong. It happens to the best of us.”

Mississippi State’s 45-7 Win over Kentucky was Perfectly Beautiful- “Can’t ask for a much better blow out, if you ask me.”

Today’s tunes:

Rag’n’Bone Man has been gaining in popularity lately, and it’s largely because he’s an authentic and wonderful musician with an incredibly unique voice. You need to check him out right here and right now.

Delta Rae is one of my favorite bands out there. They’re a talented an eclectic group that has a sound that is their own. They have a mix of influences that impact the way they sound, and this is a band that is always worth listening to.