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Stand Up and Cheer

The Voice

What a great weekend it was as Homecoming 2017 was a complete success. There was no where that you could go around campus and not see the Dawg Nation spending time together, sharing memories and dreams of the future. I guess if there was a negative it would be that the weekend ended and each of us had to make our way back to careers and everyday life leaving the future alumni to get back to their everyday grind of classes, research, studying and practice at their sport if they are athletes. As alumni, we were once there too and in many ways long for the days of our youth and the place we will always call “home”, Dear Old State. We always hear the familiar voice of her calling us back home to visit and to bring family and children to visit where we grew up at and really began to figure out who we were and what we were about so they too can know why we love her so.

This week we want to introduce you to another member of our coed spirit squad.

Her name is Kylie Elder. Kylie is a sophomore from a northeastern suburb of Atlanta, GA named Buford. The Buford High Wolves have claimed eleven state championships in football and ten in softball, so they have something in the water there in Buford. She is majoring in Communications.

Kylie says that she cannot remember a time when she wasn't cheering or doing gymnastics. She cheered on the varsity competition cheer team as well as the varsity sideline team at my Buford High all 4 years. She also did all-star cheer at Pro Cheer being a member of a large coed team for 5 years.

Kylie described the biggest influence in her life as her dad because he always pushed her to perform her best and constantly reminds her that anything is possible if she works hard enough. “He always tells me what I need to hear and is always there for me. He is my best friend and I don't know where I would be or what I would do without him”.

Kylie lists her favorite memory so far at State as going to nationals with the coed squad and competing. Being on the mat with the squad was unexpected but was a thrill to no end. “Going to nationals brought me so much closer to my teammates and the fun experience of getting to travel with them and hang out around Disney World was unforgettable”.

When asked about any special talent that she has Kylie responded that she REALLY LOVES to SING and that she CAN sing, but she is not comfortable getting in front of lots of people to sing. Hey Kylie you cheer in front of thousands, we’re family SO...sing for us sometime. Maybe the next time “Don’t Stop Believing” comes up step out and let her flow!

After graduation Kylie is not really sure where she will be or what she will end up doing. “My future plans seem to change every week so I’m just going with the flow right now and trying to not think about it”. Kylie we have all been there and honestly, few of us end up doing exactly what we went to school for so just stay committed and it all seems to work itself out.

As far as a stunt partner, Kylie doesn’t have a set partner but says she likes to be with someone who makes stunting easy and fun. “If you're with the right partner stunting should be a breeze and you should feel very confident. Nobody wants to be with a partner that makes them timid in the air, because that isn't safe”.

You can follow Kylie at:

Insta: @kylieelder

Twitter: @kylie10e