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T-DAWG’s Winners

Week 9 Predictions

Wow, how great was Homecoming 2017. The way our DAWGS played was just icing on the cake. I spent several hours visiting with old friends and some new friends. I talked to quite a few Kentucky fans outside the stadium before the game. The ones I talked to and welcomed to Starkvegas were really pretty pleasant. They had questions about State and some of our traditions. Everyone of them I talked to were impressed with the friendliness and the MSU campus. One gentleman who wore a Kentucky blue polo introduced me to his son, Michael Stallings from Brookhaven High School ( He is being recruited by State and told me he was impressed by everything about State and the people.

I went up to the School of Forest Resources cook-out and gathering. I had the chance to not only eat but meet many of the young students who waited on everyone. When I sat down to eat I met the parents of one of the Forest Resources students. Jodie and Greg Barnard are the parents of sophomore Brett Barnard a student ambassador for State. They were down from Massachusetts to visit their son. We talked for a long time and they shared how Brett had been searching for good wildlife school, found LSU and State on the web. He visited LSU then came through Starkville and fell in love with the atmosphere and people here. He knew his decision for his college choice was made.

I also met three beautiful young girls outside the stadium ringing their cowbells with joy in their hearts. They were like stair-steps. I asked their parents for permission to take their picture and put them up with the story this week. They reminded me of the transition I had experienced that day. The old friends which represented the past, Brett who represented the present and the girls who represented the future glory and passion of Mississippi State. What an awesome day it was!

Man, I hit a homerun going 5 for 5 last week raising the yearly total to 54 - 17. This week may be more difficult. Now to this weeks predictions as the season gets really interesting.

Arkansas @ TSUN — The Razorbacks come into this game reeling like they were just unloaded at the slaughter-house and given their first shock from the stun gun to move them along towards their.....demise? The Black Bears, Landsharks whatever the heck they are don’t have much going for them either. Shea Patterson tore his anterior MCL on a freakish bad step. Jordan Ta’amu a transfer from New Mexico Military school by way of Hawaii has taken over now. This kid has been logging the miles and getting thrown in now but he may wish he had logged a few more. Both of these teams are going down in flames fast and both will have new coaches next year, bank on it. Honestly this game is a real unknown. Bret’s porkers are fighting to stay alive and it you have never been around a wounded pig then take my word they are dangerous but can a wounded pig take a Black Bear in his own den? Good question! Well other teams have bounced back some so.....

T-DAWG’s Winner: — TSUN 30 - 24

Georgia @ Florida — The party in Jacksonville breaks out again with Florida as the home team. The Gators have won the last four and believe they can keep the streak going but Georgia has a lot more bite than any Gator this year. Florida fans have been downright nasty towards their coach and their team lately. McElwain has tried every approach to getting his Gators on solid ground but every time they crawl ashore something else hits and they slide back under. Kirby’s boys are playing like his name, SMART. The Gators can play some defense but when an angry DAWG keeps biting your bound to hit the pool and swim for cover. Times are getting desperate for the Gators.

T-DAWG’s Winner: — Georgia 42 - 13

Vanderbilt @ South Carolina — The Commodores sail into Columbia looking for calm waters to take another step towards being bowl-eligible. Coach Mason and his boys took a week off to visit the home-front and get things ship-shape again. The waves have been overwhelming the deckhands lately but they plan to bombard Fort Columbia before Mason’s newly repaired vessels can be riddled with holes again. Muschamp plans to get his yard-birds set for a holiday trip this week before real trouble comes his way and opportunities get much more limited. The Gamecocks have been filing their spurs to do maximum damage possible as well as practicing team swarm tactics. When the Commodores get too close those spurs will cause Mason’s navy to raise anchor and sail for home as quick as possible and fight another day.

T-DAWG’s Winner: South Carolina 41 - 20

Missouri @ UConn — Barry Odom takes his “Show-Me” boys to see the color changes in the New England countryside and hopefully not get dog bit. The Huskies are 3-4 and may be looking at their last chance to have a “feel good” Saturday. Somebody has been feeding them right as they come in with a two game winning streak. The Tigers have easier times ahead of them if they can just steal a meal from the Huskie pups and get back to Missouri to make ready for a crew of inept Gators and rag-tag Volunteers who are out of heart and running out of time. If they are not very careful though the “Show-Me” boys will be shown the door.

T-DAWG’s Winner: UConn - 42 - 34

Tennessee @ Kentucky — Stoops Blue-grass band got way off key and were embarrassed in Stark-Vegas last week. Coach Stoops forgot to wake his boys up after having a week off. Now, he has their attention with poor old Smokey limping into town. Butch Jones was seen down at the local supermarket but he was in the back alley picking up empty boxes to begin packing up. It’s hard to understand with all the talent that the Volunteers do have why they can’t load the rifles and shoot up Lexington but lately they have just shot themselves in the foot time and again while becoming weaker at heart each week. The Big Orange knows if this one slips by it will be difficult to finish with something mom could even come close to loving.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Kentucky - 37 - 17

Miss. State @ Texas A&M — Our DAWG’s roll into College Station healthy for the first time in six weeks. The defensive ranking for overall defense is 8th for State and 57th for A&M. Offensively we are ranked higher also than A&M. Kellen Mund has played well for a freshman quarterback but I think Fitzgerald and company will expose the A&M run defense which is currently ranked 38th (State is 31st). Mullen will have all the offense standing ready this week after finally getting healed up. This game is key for both teams to finish strong. In the battle of canines Mullen and Grantham will do all they can to have their DAWGs bite harder and deeper seeking to take the life out of A&M before they can bite back. This one may just come down to a close game at the end. If that happens State has a dependable kicker for a change (Jace Christmann) and he is from Texas.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Miss. State 27 - 24

We’re due a big win on the road and we have to get at least one but two would work much better. Keep the faith and keep believing as we drive toward an upper tier bowl game. Go DAWGS!