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T-DAWG’s Winners

Week 6 SEC Predictions

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OK DAWG Nation, this week and next week has all SEC teams reaching the half way point in their seasons. There have been some surprises and some major disappointments. It really seems like most of the SEC teams are still searching for exactly who they are while a few have begun to define themselves with absolute clarity. There is another certainty though, in any sport the season can bring team changes at any time. The deeper a team is in experienced, athletic players the better they handle unexpected circumstances and injuries that strike during a season. Each season is a matter of evolution for each team as they rise to meet the challenges or fold up the tent and call it a year.

The nights are cooling off as the leaves are turning into various shades of brown. I love the little chill in the air because it tells me that the college season is beginning to get down to some serious confrontations and in high school the cool air signals that the playoffs are fast approaching. In fact when the first wave of colder air hits the pretenders are all heading home.

Last week was my worst yet ( I knew I should have picked Troy ) as I went 5-3 and am now 41-13 overall. This week’s predictions:

TSUN @ Auburn — The Black Bears were practically annihilated in Tuscaloosa last week. Coach Luke has sent several search parties out and put up pamphlets everywhere in an attempt to aid in the Amber Alert for his young defense that hasn’t been seen since the west coast trip. It is very often difficult to find someone who doesn’t want to be found though. Shea Patterson began to wonder if he was in a football game or running a marathon in Kenya with big red elephants chasing him. Well Shea I hate to have to break it to you but your in for a world of hurt again this week. Go ahead and reserve the massage parlor and ice baths for Sunday, you will need them. Malzahn has his Plainsmen excited for the chance to trap, slaughter and skin some bear this weekend. Winter is coming and a new set of bear rugs help when the cold mornings occur. The Tigers running game will find little resistance and Stidham may throw it around just to amuse himself out of sheer boredom.

T-DAWG’s Winner — Auburn 56 - 6

Georgia @ Vanderbilt — Coach Mason tried desperately last week to wrestle some Gators into his boats but found they had more teeth than the Big Bad Wolf his mom use to tell him about. The bad news for the Commodores is the waves are bringing a pack of Bulldogs that aim to take no prisoners in their conquest of Nashville. Yes I believe the Commodores will drop anchor and battle as hard as they can to defend the home fort but the flag will fall in surrender late in the 2nd half.

T-DAWG’s Winner — Georgia 28 - 17

LSU @ Florida — Coach Orgeron has been having nightmares every night for the last three weeks. He keeps thinking he is back in Oxford and can’t seem to do much of anything right. Well coach your half right but your not back in Oxford. This week he has to take a confused bunch of Bengal Tigers into the swamps of Florida. This seems to be the most submissive group of purple and gold in years. If he can’t get them to fight back quickly then they may not win another game this year. McElwain finally got his Gator army to play offense last week but they still had to come from behind to beat Vanderbilt and lost another quarterback in the process. There is no love lost between these two schools. Coach “O” is planning on making Gator-skin shoes for all the boys but I think he will feel the Gator chomp on his rear as he runs back to the bayou.

T-DAWG’s Winner — Florida 26 - 16

Arkansas @ South Carolina — Will Muschamp is trying to find another rooster to take Deebo Samuel’s place. Since his season ending injury the Gamecocks have struggled to score and haven’t won. Now one bird with a bad wing doesn’t cause the others to quit clucking but it just helps when a you have a strong cock-a-doodle-doo in the morning to get everything in motion. Jake Bentley is going to have take the team on his shoulders or the Razorbacks will be eating raw chicken Saturday evening. Bret’s Boyz have no problem scoring but they can’t seem to build a border wall in front of the end zone to keep unwanted guests out. This one could go either way and Arkansas is a 1-point favorite. In a close one the home tree to roost in should mean something.

T-DAWG’s Winner — South Carolina - 34 - 29

Alabama @ Texas A&M — Two weeks ago there was no way Kevin Sumlin would survive the year but time changes everything. While his Aggies may not have gotten their bellies full they did feed on some tasty cluckers last week trying to build up strength to herd Saban’s pachyderms into a corner. Coach Sumlin in case you don’t know, your boys cannot eat enough chicken to help you put down a Red Elephant. You best get your collies in the house before Saban lets his herd loose to stomp everything in site into submission. There just isn’t much standing in the way of Alabama but still you have to play them out. Back-up quarterback Tua Tagovailola should be playing the second half while Hurts goes up in the stands to visit relatives.

T-DAWG’s Winner — Alabama 45 - 10

Missouri @ Kentucky — The Missouri Tigers limp into Lexington hoping to find Stoops Bluegrass boys taking a nap, not expecting the Tigers to actually show up. The Colonel has entertainment already set up for their off week next week before taking a trip to Starkville. Now the Wildcats should have no problem with the Tiger cubs who may score but they can’t stop a fly from landing. Miracles happen but Missouri is without a doubt the weakest team in the SEC this year. Stoops and his Wildcats will slice and dice up Missouri until they may be nothing left for Georgia to play with next week.

T-DAWG’s Winner — Kentucky 47 - 20

Tennessee is taking the week off before journeying down to Tuscaloosa next week. Our DAWGs are off before hosting BYU next Saturday. This is hopefully a “back to basics” week as we try to find some receivers who will fight to get open, come back to help their quarterback and attack the ball in the air fighting for the ball with an unwavering desire to overcome the defense. Our OL is hopefully working on schemes and protection with the defensive front 7 working on communication and aggressiveness that was fuel on the fire in the first 3 games. Re-commitment and reloading for a stretch drive for a New Year’s Day bowl game is a must! Alumni and fans we too must re-dedicate ourselves to being a spirit force and source of encouragement to our team.

Get ready for Homecoming 2017 and Congratulations to our Homecoming Queen Ms. Victoria Vivians. You represent our State well Victoria.