Why Dan Mullen Isn't Going Anywhere

On Monday afternoon Dan Mullen met with the media and was once again asked about another job opening (University of Tennessee). He was asked, "How attractive is the Tennessee job compared to the one you have?" Mullens response: "I love the one I have. I think what you see is what we've been able to build Mississippi State into. I think everyone has an opinion in the world of what I should and shouldn't do. Most people that know me... I like my own opinion. I'm not really interested in other people's opinion..."

Once again, Dan Mullen has to reiterate to the entire media that he likes where he is right now. He's had to do this nearly every single season here at Mississippi State. From all the way back to when Urban Meyer left Florida to this week when everyone found out that Butch Jones was finally fired from the University of Tennessee. And I'm not here saying that Dan Mullen is staying in Starkville, Mississippi forever, but what I'm saying is that everyone needs to calm down and look at what Dan Mullen has to look forward to.

There are several different reasons why Dan Mullen is staying in Starkville. To start us off, Dan Mullen is known for developing quarterbacks and next year will be Nick Fitzgerald's senior season. Mullen will not leave Fitzgerald for a UT job that has no quarterback. Also, he (Mullen) will not ruin his quarterback coach reputation by leaving MSU. Secondly, Dan Mullen returns his entire starting offensive line, besides Martinas Rankin (Sr). MSU will win the trenches next year on both sides of the ball. With Jeffery Simmons and Chauncey Rivers on the defensive line next year, the defensive line will be just as good if not better than the offensive line. Lastly, Dan Mullen loves this place and so does his wife. When he was asked about leaving on Monday when he met with media he also talked about how his wife's (Megan Mullen) opinion was the only other opinion that mattered besides his own. I can assure you she loves the southern hospitality in Starkville, Mississippi that she could not and will not find anywhere else. The fans love Dan and Dan loves us. He is not leaving... at least not this year.

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