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Mississippi State News and Notes

News, notes, and music to help you get through the day.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

From around the web:

Ethan Lee’s Tragically Beautiful Song of the Week: Benjamin Tod’s “Using Again”- There are some songs that will kinda knock you on your butt and take your breath away, forcing you to confront those things. Benjamin Tod’s “Using Again” is certainly one of those songs. From The Takery.

Mississippi basketball player reflects on game-winning miracle shot- “Cathedral School’s Sam Mosby may never know the odds of making a game-winning full-court shot, but as far as he’s concerned it’ll never happen again.” From Magnolia State Live

Costa Rican brothers learn to embrace (and excel at) Mississippi high school football- “Before moving to America, Adams County Christian School’s Cristopher and Yohan Thompson weren’t used to hitting people — well, besides each other.” From Magnolia State Live

Herbstreit: Miss. State Doesn't Get Respect It Deserves- “Kirk Herbstreit and Ian Fitzsimmons discuss Alabama's close win against Mississippi State, noting that while it was closer than most anticipated, the win was no small feat.” From ESPN

In case you missed it from For Whom the Cowbell Tolls:

#AlwaysRunNeverPass will lead Mississippi State to the Citrus Bowl- “It’s time to rally around what Mississippi State does best and pummel the Razorbacks and Rebels the last two games of the season.”

Mississippi State Has Now Proven That It Can Contend with The Best Teams in the Nation- “The Bulldogs have come a long way this season.”

The Good, Bad, and Ugly from Mississippi State’s Loss to Alabama- “Figuring out what was good and not-so-good from Mississippi State’s loss to Alabama.”

SEC Power Rankings: Week 12- “Stacking up the SEC from 1 to 14”

In the long run, what does Mississippi State’s performance against Alabama mean for the future of the program?- “There might not be such a thing as moral victories, but there things we can learn from the heartbreak of Saturday’s loss.”

The Joy and Agony of Watching Mississippi State’s Heartbreaking Loss in the Alabama Section- “It was going so well, and then it wasn’t.”

Mississippi State Comes Up Short in Heartbreaker to Alabama- “The Bulldogs led the Tide throughout the game, but came up short in the end.”

Why Dan Mullen Isn't Going Anywhere- “On Monday afternoon Dan Mullen met with the media and was once again asked about another job opening (University of Tennessee)”

Today's tunes:

We’re actually going to go with the song that I linked to up above for our first song. Benjamin Tod’s “Using Again” is so poignant and powerful that it deserves to be listened to.

Next, we’re gonna listen to The Jeremy James Band’s “Oh Shannon.” Why? Because it’s good music and they’re from Houston and deserve some recognition for producing good music.