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JK’s Week 12 Best/Worst/Bold Predictions

Arrrrkansas: it’s like pirate Kansas - if being a pirate made you only slightly better at football

Alabama v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

After 10 weeks of playing better than best case or worse than worst case, we finally played somewhere in the middle last week. Actually, we pretty much played out the best case scenario through three quarters against Bama, then followed it up with a 4th quarter of worst case. It was easily the most entertaining game of the season so far, but a total bummer that we lost.

Mississippi State follows up the Alabama game with a game against Arkansas. We have had probably the most consistently competitive matchups year in and year out against the Razorback squad over the last few years. It will be crucial not to have a hangover game this week, but if we can avoid one we should win big.

I won’t waste time this week with my predictions; this is pretty much self explanatory. We need to win the next two games in order to get the best possible bowl. We should dominate both Arkansas and Ole Miss. Anything less than a blowout is not optimal.

BEST case scenario:

  • We keep up with #alwaysrunneverpass. We ran up and down the field for most of the game against Alabama, and we need to come out and do the same against the Razorbacks. Arkansas gives up nearly 200 yards/game on the ground, so this could be a fun week for Nick Fitzgerald, Aeris Williams, and the rest of our backfield.
  • MSU suffocates the Razorback offense. We’ve given up over 50 points to this team in back-to-back seasons, which is pretty terrible by all definitions. This Arkansas offense isn’t nearly as potent as it has been the last couple of years, and if we can bring our A-game we can keep them out of the end zone.
  • We’re able to get through this game easily, and we’re able to rest some of our players for the game Thursday.
  • Mississippi State shows out: 52-9

WORST case scenario:

  • We come out looking hungover from the Bama game. After losing such a heartbreaker, it’s always a concern that your team will come out flat the next week. We have to avoid this. I wanna win and go to a sunny bowl game. Hopefully we don’t screw that up.
  • We look forward to Thursday’s game against Ole Miss and overlook a capable Arkansas team. Sometimes I think it’s harder on a team the week before a Thursday night matchup than on the Thursday night itself. Let me just go ahead and say this now, I am NOT a fan of Thanksgiving Day football games when they involve my school. But more on that next week.
  • Bulldogs barely find a way to squeak out a win: 23-21.

BOLD predictions:

  • Sissy bold: We have three players rush for over 50 yards.
  • I don’t care I just wanna see anarchy everywhere in college football but here bold: SOMEONE is gonna get upset by a terrible team this weekend. This is one of the absolute worst slates of college football ever this weekend as seemingly everyone plays a cupcake before rivalry week. I’m calling it right now that someone in the top 15 goes down to a significantly inferior opponent this week. CHAOS!

JK’S TOTALLY COMPUTER GENERATED ADVANCED STATS NOT MADE UP ON A WHIM ACTUAL SCORE PREDICTION: Mississippi State has no trouble smoking the hogs* this weekend: 42-17

*shout out to Cristilmethod for the joke here