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Cookin’ Up the Competition: Arkansas Edition

Your daily dose of pork before noon!

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Mississippi State Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for being a little late this week, but now you have something to read on your gameday morning! We have Eric from Arkansas Fight to give us a Hog-sided view of this weekends game. We tossed me a few questions on their website as well, you can check that out here.

1) What is the general attitude around the Arkansas fan base towards Bret Bielema?

Eric: It's been just about all negative from the first few games of the season. Now that Jeff Long is gone, his days are very clearly numbered and about to run out. Most fans are fine with that, although there are a lot of differing opinions on the handling of firing Long and who should be the next AD and head coach. So while there's a lot of uncertainty, the feelings against Bielema are really the only thing everyone agrees on right now.

2) Last time the Bulldogs went up to Fayetteville, we saw a 100+ point game with over 1000 yards of offense that came down to the last play of the game. Do you think we’ll see another offensive shootout this week?

If 100 is getting put up, then Miss State is doing most of the heavy lifting. As you mentioned in our preview post, Grantham has some really good numbers for the Bulldog defense. Arkansas' offense has really taken a step back due to the deteriorating offensive line and injuries. If State is throwing up a lot of points (and they likely will) there isn't enough firepower to keep up.

3) Who are some names that MSU fans should be aware of before the game on Saturday?

TJ Hammonds is the most explosive player on the offensive end, but he has rarely gotten more than 3-4 carries per game and it's one of the most maddening things about this season. Why he doesn't get more touches is one of the most talked about things around here. De'Jon "Scoota" Harris has had the best year on the defensive side of the ball. He's been very active in his middle linebacker position and has saved things from being even worse on the defense.

4) Arkansas has to come out with a W Saturday to keep a chance at bowl eligibility, do you think that will give the players some extra motivation come Saturday?

I definitely think there will be some of that added motivation from the team. They seem pretty prideful and could try to rally around Bielema in his last two games. The problem is they're just not talented enough to keep up for a full 60 minutes.

5) MSU is a 12.5 point favorite over the Hogs on Saturday, who are you putting your hypothetical money on and how do you see it playing out?

So far most SEC games have started with a huge play from the opposing team, usually a run on a broken defense. Then The defense holds on for a bit to keep things close and the offense does a little but squanders the most important opportunities before the defense just can't hold on anymore and the floodgates open. I'd expect this game to follow that model. 41-17 State.