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T-DAWG’s Winners

Week 10 Prognostications

Wow how beautiful was that last week. Just what the doctor ordered, three in a row now and a super chance to get to 9 wins now and a major bowl. Then the coaching changes everyone has been expecting and looking for get blown away by the Florida gig. Wow! You just never know in football or life so we need to learn to enjoy the moments we have and cherish the memories they provide. Last week TSUN (I guess they stuck me huh) and UConn let me down as I went 4-2 for the week and now am at 58 - 19 (75%) for the year. Things will get really interesting now as we all drive for strong finishes. Get behind our team and OUR Coach, show them how we feel NOW and let’s roll baybee!

Auburn @ Texas A&M — Auburn gases up the bus and drives out to College Station where the Aggies are still trying to figure out what the heck happened last week when State blew right through them. Auburn has rested up and tried to fill the tanks for their stretch drive. Auburn is so up and down but there hasn’t been a time that they couldn’t tote the rock this year although Pettway is down for the count again. Kevin Sumlin had bounced back and was getting those “attaboys” before State left him breathless and now he is looking at that old November curse again. If A&M falls into the November skid again Sumlin may still not survive a 7-5 year. Sumlin has been trying to build all the Tiger traps he can in a week but Gus’s troops can jump over any trap and have the Aggies getting caught in their own snares chasing them as Gus gets pure giddy Saturday morning before heading to the nearest Waffle House.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Auburn 34 - 17

Florida @ Missouri — The Gators make their first road trip post-partum McElwain. Randy Shannon has tried to shake the tree this week and make kids compete for jobs problem is, they may not care now but I wouldn’t bet on that. Missouri can score mega points on less than average defenses but I wouldn’t put these big lizards in that category. Coach Odom is trying every way he can to help his Tigers overachieve and save his butt for another year. The Gators have just seen their own coach depart so helping put Odom in the cheese handout line won’t bother them in the least. If these Gators get firm footing in Columbia you can wave bye-bye Tigers because you don’t have enough to “Show-Me” a win.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Florida 34 - 26

Western Kentucky @ Vanderbilt — The Hilltoppers come in looking to get bowl eligible at 5-2. They have won 4 out of the last 5 and aim to climb to the top of Nashville before the Commodores can repel them. Coach Mason’s sailors have fallen on hard times losing 5 in a row in the rugged SEC. If they hope to make it to a bowl they have to knock the Hilltoppers down then go on to win 2 of their last 3 which is entirely possible but first they have to get all hands on deck and cannons blasting in unison. It might be a reach but this week should be anchors aweigh successfully.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Vanderbilt 33 - 31

South Carolina @ Georgia — Muschamp brings his load of caged yard birds into Athens looking to feed on the bugs at the Bulldogs home grass so they can fatten up for an elite bowl themselves with 8 or 9 wins. Kirby Smart won’t be fooled by the “rat poison” tossed out this week by any old selection committee and will be sure to give his pups one of his own “Smart Pills” before kickoff so they can run them pesky peckers down and have fried chicken for the family supper. Jake Bentley won’t be able to run fast enough or far enough to keep the DAWG “D” from plucking his feathers on the Athens turf. Once a DAWG gets a taste of chicken he won’t stop until either he’s expired or he runs out of chickens and Smart’s guys are working on a full charge.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Georgia 49 - 17

TSUN @ Kentucky — Mark Stoops is happier than a hillbilly with a roll of copper for a new still. After dispatching the Volunteers last week he can breathe a little easier and concentrate on padding the win column. His newest recipe involves a band of Black Bears sighted headed for Lexington and he has his boys getting their claws sharp and the pits ready to catch and roast some bear meat while they sample the newest brew. Matt Luke can’t believe them darn hogs got away again and sees how slim and weak his cubs are getting. Prospects don’t look much better on their pilgrimage to look for some horse flesh in Kentucky but he is resigned to let things run their course. If you are thinking the Wildcats will have mercy on the Webels don’t bet on it because they aim to get every once of meat they can.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Kentucky 37 - 23

Coastal Carolina @ Arkansas — Bielema’s Hogs hopes to go bowling are about gone down the drain and possibly his coaching gig for next year also. This could very well be his last chance to make hay for his animals before the fields go bare. The Chanticleer’s spurs don’t have any sharpness to them at all as them come to Fayetteville on a seven game skid where they have been thoroughly plucked over and over. Bret intends to have his porkers rip them wide open before they know what hit them. Things just haven’t materialized the way he envisioned when he moved south but it is a safe bet that when this day is over there will be a bus load of roosters with rung necks.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Arkansas 42 - 17

USM @ Tennessee — The Golden Eagles are usually good for an upset or near upset every year but somehow this group acts more like buzzards than Eagles. The trouble is a buzzard relies on a carcass for a meal and there hasn’t been much around this year in their flight zone. The Volunteers have sunken about as low as they can go but will try to improve their aim when they see flocks of birds overhead. Rocky-Top hasn’t been what it used to be but those that sit in the stands want blood from somewhere, where isn’t a true concern. They will take Butch Jones on the sacrificial alter or any eagle that is caught and enjoy the blood of each just as much as the other. Old Smokey doesn’t aim to let a buzzard make his life more miserable.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Tennessee 26 - 20

LSU @ Alabama — Coach “O” has been grumbling and growling all he can to get his Tigers ready for Bryant Denny. He has seen his purple and gold Bengal Tigers squeak by week after week since some Trojans ambushed them at home but the important thing is they did win and have gotten bowl-eligible. Nick gets excited as a boy on his first date with a beautiful girl when his team is underestimated or portrayed as second rate. Just that thing happened when the selection committee gave them little credit for the way they have played. You can bet he has fed his pachyderms a belly full of the lack of respect that has been dished out. Unfortunately LSU is about to find out how heavy a red elephant’s feet are when it is stomping mad. Orgeron will look like a deer in the headlights right before an eighteen wheeler loaded with elephants hits it. The Tide is rising and will consume any Cajun visitors. This may get Ugly as Saban seeks to pour it on for all watching from afar.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Alabama 51 - 13

UMass @ Miss. State — The Minutemen come to StarkVegas looking to run wild in the streets like they have for the last two weeks. They hope that the six games they lost to start the season are a thing of the pass but Coach Mullen and Grantham will waste little time in reminding them they are out of their environment down south. They may go back to Maine next week and find a more inviting targets in Black Bear up north. Coach Grantham’s defense is salivating to get hold of the invading force and tear limbs right of their sockets. Last year on the visit up north it was a knock down drag out. This time it will be the Minutemen who get knocked down and then drug out to the shed for an old fashioned butt whooping.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Miss. State 55 - 17

So there you have it for another week of prognosticating. Get out early and be loud to help us put this away early so the freshman can play a quarter or two and we get ready for the approaching storm.

Show your pride in our team, OUR Coach and his family and Our STATE! Go DAWGS!

You never know as this past week has shown. You have to play each game out and keep the faith.