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T-DAWG’s Winners

Week 13 Prognostications

Another look at Mississippi State's 2016 Egg Bowl Win over TSUN

I began this season of predicting back on July 1st with my forecasts of how the SEC East would finish and a few days later my SEC West forecast. During the Christmas Holidays I may come back and do a comparison once all is said and done, but it wasn’t bad. I did say 10 - 2 for the DAWGs. I didn’t count on the loss to Auburn but hey WHEN we take some Black Bear hide for Christmas rugs I will have only missed our record by that Auburn loss. It has been a very good year that has flown by so fast. Unexpected changes in head coaches and others predicted but still to be seen. In all 4 to 5 head coaching changes once the season is completed, 3 of those probably in the West.

We have seen so many amazing things in MSU sports this year enough so that I would venture to say we are in the “Most” golden era ever (so far) but hopefully with the leadership we have in place at THE MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY even greater things are ahead of us. That is for sports but even more so for academics and phenomenal research at our university.

Now it is TSUN HATE WEEK. There are some friends I have that are TSUN alums but they are few. I have been to many games in nearly every sport through the years between us and can safely say as a professor of mine (A&P, he was the spitting image of George Carlin and acted like it also) once said “I not only hope they never win again but I hope they never score!” He was awesome but the class was pure hell! The traditions, the pride, the memories run deep for all of us alumni, faculty and students. Every time I come back to visit I can feel it in the air as The DAWG Nation comes together as family time after time. Do I really hate TSUN? No. I just would rather beat them than anyone else, then it would be Auburn, LSU and Alabama. Be thankful for all we have as the DAWG Nation and within our own families. Loved ones leave us every year more and more as the years go by. One thing stays the same though. Maroon will always run through my veins, ALWAYS! Dear Old State will always be the most special place there is to me.

Last week’s picks? Another 7-2 week with yearly total now at 79 - 25. I also plan to come back and do a bowl game prognostication once all the bowls are set up.

Week 13 Pronostications

Saturday’s Games

Georgia @ Georgia Tech — The Yellow Jackets host the Bulldogs at the end of an up and down season for them. the whole ACC has been sorta turned right side up this year. The Ramblin Wreck hasn’t run on all cylinders this season no matter what Coach Johnson tried, the Jackets sting hasn’t been consistent. Kirby’s Dog Pound seemed to have taken a pill last weekend to rid them of the worms that plagued them the week before. This is one of many rival games this week in the SEC and Smart’s Dogs have learned their lessons well. Some old broken down jalopy won’t come close to knocking them down as they hike up a dog leg and squirt the tires.

TDAWG’s Winner: Georgia 31 - 17

Florida State @ Florida — The Seminoles lost their quarterback right of the box this season and since then it has seemed like a throwback to the lean years of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The Gators season fell apart weeks ago also. With the exception of 2013 the Gators haven’t experienced a season like this in 40 years. This may well be both team’s bowl game to end their season on and you can bet the Gators defend The Swamp to the max with all the energy they have in their scaly bodies. Jimbo’s Seminoles plan to ride Renegade into the Swamp and stomp all over the few healthy Gators that are left. Fisher may well be coaching his last game for the Seminoles before leaving for College Station though. The Gators stir up the Swamp just enough to cause Renegade to dump Osceola and head back to Tallahassee riderless.

T-DAWG’s Winner Florida 24 - 20

Louisville @ Kentucky — Petrino brings his Cardinals to Lexington seemingly haven gotten over their mid season injury bug and are now flying high again. Stoop’s Wildcats are heading to a bowl for the first time under his tenure after winning seven games. After being mauled by a bunch of mad dogs last week the Wildcats now have to fend off a flock of red-birds with extra sharp claws. The Wildcats have milked the season for about all they are going to get out of it. If you’ve ever had a bird get after you when you got too close to their nest just imagine a whole flock constantly coming at you. The last sight of the Wildcats will be them running for cover.

T-DAWG’s Winner Louisville 38 - 30

Alabama @ Auburn — Coach Saban heads 150 miles southeast to play Auburn for the SEC West title. The Crimson Tide seek to make a tidal wave at Jordan-Hare Stadium that even an eagle can’t survive. Saban has been busy plugging in spare parts and getting other parts repaired and healthy. The pachyderms are close but not all the way back just yet. The Tigers have been playing well as of late with Stidham becoming all he was professed to be. The front seven for the Tigers is strong but they haven’t played a Hurt this season. Passions will run strong on both sides and Auburn has a way of throwing pixie dust at home. The winner goes to Atlanta and the loser waits for a New Year’s Day bowl game either way Auburn wins. They go to play for a championship or Gus goes to Fayetteville. Before Monday morning Malzahn will be headed further west. ( )

T-DAWG’s Winner Alabama 29 - 24

Vanderbilt @ Tennessee — This is pretty much the Boring Bowl. Vandy lives for a win in this game while the Volunteers shudder at the thought of losing to “lowly” Vandy. Unfortunately the Volunteers have lost 3 of the last 5 in the series. Overall it is hard to know which of these two is any better than the other. Brady Hoke waves goodbye to Knoxville from one of Mason’s scuttled boats after the game. The Commodores head back to Nashville to work on stronger armor and more firepower for next year.

T-DAWG’s Winner Tennessee 26 - 21

Clemson @ South Carolina — Dabo is finally rounding his brand of Tigers into playoff form and takes them to Columbia this week to prove their worth to the playoff committee. Muschamp has gotten his chicks headed to a bowl in his second year. That in itself is a major accomplishment. Like other teams the Gamecocks have had a multitude of key season-ending injuries but Muschamp has pushed them to overachieve in a weak SEC East division. When the sun goes down the yard birds will head to the trees to roost out of predator’s range but they never learned that Tigers can climb a little themselves. Dabo’s Tigers may just go on a feeding frenzy.

T-DAWG’s Winner Clemson 34 - 14

Texas A&M @ LSU — Kevin Sumlin has been listening to Beach Boys songs about the beaches around Los Angeles thinking a move may be in the wind. He has fought the good fight but hasn’t been able to get his Collies fully trained and receptive to all his tricks. Coach “O” is just tickled pink over how his Bayou Bengals took to the rain in Knoxville last Saturday. Now he has gotten them hyped up for the final feast of gumbo for the year. Orgeron is so totally Gung-ho that has infected his army of purple people eaters. Sumlin’s Aggies are trying to get ready to bowl but problem is there is a distraction knowing Reveille and Sumlin are heading in different directions.

T-DAWG’s Winner LSU 31 - 20

Friday’s Game

Missouri @ Arkansas — Barry Odom has turned his Tigers around from the little meows they were in September to a loud roar now. The Razorbacks are spiraling in a totally opposite direction. Their will be no bowl in the Hogs future for this year and Bret has to feel like a dead man walking. Bret is a fine man with an awesome young family. I’m sure he will relax this Christmas with his 5 month old daughter Briella. Somethings mean more than football. The Razorbacks will play their behinds off for Coach B but the Tigers are on a roll that will include roast pork.

T-DAWG’s Winner Missouri 48 - 20

Thursday’s Game

TSUN @ Miss. State — So here we are. The Egg Bowl and the only bowl for TSUN. You know the Webels want to drop butt truffles all over our turf but there is no way the DAWGS let them quit running for their lives long enough to even poop until they hit the den @ Oxfart. Jordan Ta’amu was mildly abused by A&M last Saturday night as his mom and dad visited for the first time from Hawaii. They plan to be at the Egg Bowl to watch their son play again. We need to reach out and make them welcome in StarkVegas and comfort them as their son takes a heavy dose of abuse from Simmons and company. Additionally Erroll Thompson #40 (red-shirt freshman) has found a home at MikeLB. Time and again he is making play after play becoming an integral part of the DAWG “D”. Our DAWGS are evolving more and more with freshmen like Thompson and Reginald Todd (WR) quality depth is developing. It will be cold Thursday night but with the “Train” and Fitz running wild while the “D” blows up the TSUN offense it will seem warm and fuzzy as we watch the Black Bears run for their winter’s den. Hail State!

T-DAWG’s Winner Mississippi State 41 - 20

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Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all.