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Mississippi State News and Notes: Egg Bowl Edition

It’s Thanksgiving and it’s the day of the Egg Bowl, folks.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

From around the web:

Three times in history the Egg Bowl rivalry got ridiculous- This rivalry is certainly a weird one and some of the weirdest, most absurd moments were pulled together here. From Magnolia State Live.

In case you missed it from For Whom the Cowbell Tolls:

It’s Always Sunny in Starkville: Alex McDaniel and Michael Borkey Discuss All Things Egg Bowl with Justin Strawn- “Alex, Michael, and Justin dive deep into all that makes the Egg Bowl one of the best rivalries in college sports.”

Cowbell on Campus: Golden 7- “In this week’s edition of Cowbell on Campus, Landon Young and Addison Thigpen break down the Egg Bowl matchup”

Twas The Night Before the Egg Bowl- “Twas the night before the Egg Bowl, when all through the state. Everybody was stirring, all filled with hate.”

JK’s Rivalry Week Best/Worst/Bold Predictions- “I WANNA KNOW WHERE THA GOLD AT”

Today’s tunes:

We’re gonna listen to some songs related to drinking today. No real reason. It’s not like there’s a big rivalry game tonight or anything. Nope. Nothing stressful happening tonight.