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Despite a late surge, Mississippi State’s Mistakes Doom them in the Egg Bowl

Sloppy play and the loss of Nick Fitzgerald really kept this team from winning this game.

Mississippi v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

There’s nothing really good about this game.

The Rebels opened it up with a 3 play drive that went for 75 yards in 39 seconds. That was followed up with Nick Fitzgerald’s ankle being crunched and his foot turning in a way that made me scream.

Literally. My dad and I both yelled watching it.

We also yelled watching the rest of the game. And I think I scared my parents’ dogs quite a bit. But everybody made it out alive and, for the most part, okay.

That’s all meaningless info, but this game really yielded very little to talk about that is any sort of enjoyable.

The Bulldogs fell behind early, down 7-0 at the end of a first quarter muddied by mistakes. A couple of frustrating drives mixed with field goals later, the game was a four point margin, 10-6, at the half.

The third quarter wasn’t very kind to the Bulldogs either. The Bulldogs fell victim to a 77 yard pass to A.J. Brown by the Rebels’ Jordan Ta’amu followed by a 63 yard pass to D.K. Metcalf. Those gave the Rebels a 24-6 lead heading to the final quarter.

State attempted a late comeback, but it wouldn’t be enough. The Rebels would eventually garner a 31-13 lead, but State would score three touchdowns in the final 10 minutes, bringing the game to 31-28 for the final score.

At the end of the day, Mississippi State has a month of bowl preparation coming up. A group of practices that’ll benefit players that made too many mistakes tonight, last week against Arkansas, and early on in the season against Georgia and Auburn.

The Bulldogs’ attention should be on healing up, getting ready for the bowl, and if you pay attention to the internet rumors, possibly a new coaching staff. The Bulldogs have a lot returning next year. And the entirety of the program’s focus should be on the future and what could be a special season in 2018.