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Dan Mullen says he “plans on” being Mississippi State Coach in 2018

Dan Mullen was as specific as he has ever been about his future at the conclusion of the Egg Bowl.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi St. Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen has been mentioned as a potential candidate at many schools this year as he is almost every year. He was asked about his future at the end of the Egg Bowl, and this is what he had to say.

This may seem like a coach just saying what you think he would say. But it really is an important distinction for the way he answered.

Whenever Dan Mullen has been asked about rumors surrounding his job, he usually says something along the lines of he likes the job he has. Mullen always goes out of his way to make sure he never truly confirms or denies the rumors.

There was a lot of speculation growing about Dan Mullen throughout the game. Some of it could just be frustration from fans, but much of the speculation was coming from media not associated with Mississippi State in any shape, form, or fashion. So to hear Mullen be that specific does mean something.

Now, a lot of Mississippi State fans aren’t happy with Dan Mullen after the Egg Bowl, and that’s understandable. Losing to your biggest rival, especially when things are lined up so well for you to win the game, people aren’t going to be happy.

But once tempers have cooled, I think people would rather have Mullen stay than to move on to some other school. But is this just coachspeak or will he actually stay?

I believe Mullen will be the Mississippi State coach in 2018. But if for some reason he isn’t, then I guess he will say he had a change of plans.