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Joe Offers Moor Promise

The future is brighter with Moorhead at the helm.

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The future was already bright and set up for success. That is no secret in Starkville, regardless of who was hired as coach. This hire, though, guarantees arguably a brighter future and higher ceiling than that of that other coach. This hire speaks volumes, not only to Cohen’s abilities, but to the rate that this program has grown.

For starters, the style of offense that Joe brings compliments Fitz so well, much more than Dan’s offense. Moorhead succeeded enormously with McSorley, who is talented but not as much as Fitzgerald, and Penn State had subpar, at the greatest, offensive line this season. Now he will coach with one of the top offensive lines in the country, a stable full of running backs, and of course one of the best rushing QB’s in SEC history. (Also, he doesn’t run QB Draws on 3rd and 4) But really, this move means so much more than just an offense...

New assistants will be brought into the program, which pumps new life into recruiting. State has recruited well lately, but we have never been a program who has typically brought in players who made an impact right off the bat. It is yet to be seen if Moorhead could do that, or will, but he brings in a different style. Overall, that brings a new identity and energy to the entire program. It is safe to believe that after the head coaching hire, the assistants will be spot on hires as well. Grantham is reportedly going with Mullen, but that is not as terrible as people believe. Candidates like Don Brown and Brent Pry show that the defensive is going to be in great hands.


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In all truthfulness, Dan did a phenomenal job here. He built the program up, but Dan reached his ceiling here. Opposing coaches knew his play calling, and his recruiting wasn’t typically difference making. Will he succeed at Florida? I believe so. I also believe that Moorhead will break through the ceiling that Dan set, and take this team further. If he comes out winning games like he should, recruits will come flocking. A bright future will be brighter, and maybe just maybe, this team becomes a contender for the time being. With the hammer looming over the other team in the state, there could not be a better time to take the reins.

The time is now in Starkville, and its going to be Moor fun with Joe. I would add Moor name puns, but that is Joest ridiculous. Either way I am excited for Moor hashtags! #MoorCowbell #MoorWins #MoorPromise