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JK’s Week 10 Best/Worst/Bold Predictions

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[insert joke here about Minutemen]

Kentucky v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Welcome to Week 10’s B/W/B, where we play a really bad football team while everyone else in the country* plays someone good. The good news is that all of the ranked matchups ahead of us in the Top 25 could see us make a slight jump in the rankings #surviveandadvance style. At this point, our only shot at the playoff is total anarchy in the month of November, all while we win the rest of our games.

For the Bulldogs, that starts with a win over the UMass Minutemen. Frankly, this should be the easiest test of them all, but, ya know, we all remember that one time against South Alabama. Now that I’ve killed the mood, let’s move on.

BEST case scenario:

  • We don’t eff this up. The line in this game was at 32 points the last time I checked, and let’s be clear: we could beat UMass 69-0 if that was our game plan**. I don’t care what the score is, let’s just win and prepare our bodies for Alabama.
  • We pad the stats without having to leave our starters in the game in the second half. One main storyline heading into next week will be Alabama’s margin of victory over SEC teams. The counterpoint we’ll all be making is our margin of victory at home. So let’s pad that stat a little bit to give us some confidence.
  • MSU takes it easily, 42-10

WORST case scenario:

  • Someone gets injured. The one thing about these automatic wins is that you still have to play the game, and that puts players at risk. Again, let’s just win this game and keep our bodies fresh for Alabama next week.
  • The Minutemen play us as tough as they did last year. Honestly, this was the game last year where I lost ALL confidence in Peter Sirmon. My confidence was already at an all time low, don’t get me wrong, but the UMass game was just horrid. Hopefully we’ll be able to create some pressure and keep their offense in check.
  • Dogs win 35-21

BOLD predictions:

Sissy bold: Keystone*** Thompson is in to ice the game before halftime.

In lieu of something exceptionally bold: I want to take this space to say a few things about Dan Mullen. We should all feel incredibly flattered that our coach of nine (9!) years is at the top of every major college football coaching search. Frankly, he should be. Dan Mullen created an All-NCAA culture in our small Mississippi town. He is easily the greatest coach to ever wear the maroon and white. It’s easy for people to look at our little SEC oasis in the waves of Mississippi farm fields and say that Coach Mullen could do something greater at some bigger-name school, but I have to believe, based on comments from both he and his wife, that the people are what make them want to stay. I also know firsthand why someone from a “bigger, better” place wants to stay in Starkville. It’s all of YOU. A lot of times you will hear Mississippi State referred to as The People’s University. It’s one of my favorite nicknames for our school. Because the people here are great, and they are welcoming. Every time I came back to school during my time at State, I’d pass by the Mississippi welcome sign**** that read “It’s Like Coming Home”. Starkville always will be home, and it’s the people and the fans that make it that way. Thank you.


*okay not everyone but its close

**if we were Ole Miss, for example

***S/O to autocorrect for this nickname

****can we please go back to these signs?