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Joe Moorhead Spends His First Evening in Starkville Meeting Students and Selling Cheese Fries

Joe Moorhead is embracing Mississippi State and Starkville in the best way possible: selling cheese fries to students.

Mississippi State Athletics

Joe Moorhead is embracing Starkville in its entirety. In his first evening in Mississippi, he went from hopping off of a plane with his family, toured the campus and Davis Wade Stadium, and then went to the Cotton District to interact with students and sell cheese fries at Bin 612.

I mean, I’m not sure there’s a better way to meet the next coach of your school’s football team than to be drunkenly wandering around the Cotton District and buying Bin 612’s cheese fries from him.

It’s not entirely clear how much Moorhead spent, but according to this video from Mississippi State’s Bob Carskadon, Moorhead apparently bought cheese fries for some of the students that showed up to meet him last night.

The Bulldogs are entering into a new coaching era and we’ve got a guy that will go out of his way to meet students in the Cotton District right before finals are set to start. Joe Moorhead is embracing Starkville and Starkville is certainly embracing him as well.