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Here’s A Weekly Reminder That Mississippi State Throttled LSU By 30 Points

Never forget that the Bulldogs blew out the LSU Tigers. This one is for you, Dari.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Hey. Remember that time that Mississippi State blew the doors off of LSU and we were all very ecstatic? Remember how LSU was upset by Troy (a team that lost to South Alabama and beat Idaho, New Mexico, and Akron by a combined 11 points) in Baton Rouge?

Well, Dari Nowkhah of ESPN and the SEC Network certainly remembers exactly when it happened. He’s very focused on the fact that the Bulldogs decimated LSU by 30 points several weeks ago.

This attitude is reflected in his power rankings of the SEC, where he has LSU above the Bulldogs, despite the fact that Mississippi State crushed LSU by 30 points and the fact that LSU lost to Troy at home.

Power ranking a conference like the SEC can be difficult this year. I, myself, have often wondered whether or not a team that lost to another by 30 points should be ranked higher than the team it lost to.



No. No, I haven’t.

While it is difficult to power rank the SEC week in and week out, the real difficulty comes in ranking the second half of the conference. The inferior teams are an interesting bunch to try to stack up. Trying to place Arkansas, Mizzou, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vandy, and Florida in any sort of order that makes sense is an actually difficult task.

Placing the Bulldogs above a team that they beat by 30 points is not so difficult. And this notion that because Mississippi State had difficulties on Saturday means that they’re an inferior team, this argument that Dari makes right here, it’s something else.

Mississippi State did indeed struggle with UMass. They did not struggle with LSU. What you should see right now, Mr. Nowkhah, is that the Bulldogs had no issues with LSU, a team that lost to Troy. The Tigers are a team that barely beat Florida (the team that you ranked 14th in the SEC) by 1 point. LSU is a team that had issues with 4-5 Syracuse at home.

You’re totally entitled to have whatever opinion that you want, Dari. You’re allowed to think that right now, at this very moment, LSU is better than Mississippi State. You truly are allowed to have that stance. I have no issue with you having hot taeks. However, please remember, Mississippi State beat LSU by 30 points.